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This Naked Pic Of Drake Bell Will Officially Ruin "Drake & Josh" For You Forever

You've been warned!

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So if you started your day thinking you weren't gonna be looking at a naked pic of Drake Bell, I'm sorry to inform you that you were wrong. And if you still want to go about your day like that, here's your moment!


I'm serious! Now's your last chance! You can go snack on candy hearts and continue hate-liking pics of people posting their "flowers from bae" — and you'll keep living in your pure Nickelodeon rerun bubble where this fully clothed, floppy-haired Drake Bell is all you know:

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Okay, here goes nothing. I'm just...gonna...leave this here. Ladies and gents, I present to you without hope or agenda, this photograph of Drake Bell:

Vince Trupsin

As Chad Kroeger would say: "LOOK AT THIS PHOTOGRAPH!"

It's true! Michelangelo himself sculpted Drake for this very snapshot! DAVID IS SHOOK.

Vince Truspin, Twitter

If you're still breathing, there's more. Drake released this *steamy* (AND NSFW!) AF music video for his new song "Rewind" earlier today and, well, it's a little more Fifty Shades and a lot less Nickelodeon, if you catch my drift...

View this video on YouTube

Okay, bye now! Happy Valentine's Day!

Vince Truspin

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