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    We Went To The "Friends" Pop-Up And Could It BE Any More Perfect?!

    We got to PI-VOT!

    Hi, we're Jen, Nora, and Lauren and could we BE more excited to tell you about our day at the Friends pop-up in NYC?

    Therefore, this will now be known as "The One With the BuzzFeed Post." Sorry, had to.

    1. We walked in, and we were instantly greeted with giant pics of iconic moments in Friends history.

    2. As we continued on, there was memorabilia and Friends quotes all over the walls — like this blown-up ticket from the first-ever live taping of the show, back when it was titled Friends Like Us.

    3. Our first photo opp was with the iconic umbrellas in front of the fountain, essentially recreating the opening credits.

    4. We got to check out ~actual~ props from the show, like Ross' Science Boy comic from Season 9...

    5. ...and his Spudnik helmet from Season 8:

    6. Speaking of Ross, we got the opportunity to do our very own PI-VOT!!!!


    7. Next stop? The front door of Monica and Rachel's apartment.

    8. But it was honestly even cooler from the back, where we recreated THAT legendary Thanksgiving moment from Season 10.

    9. All throughout the pop-up, there were little tributes to the hair, costumes, and props from the show...

    10. ...seriously, there were SO many great props! Like Rachel's 18-page (front and back!) letter to Ross from Season 4...

    11. ...and THE LIST of "The One With The List" from Season 2 fame:

    12. But the funniest parts of the pop-up were when we got to pull a Monica and pose with these turkeys on our heads...

    13. ...and when we got to be Joey wearing Chandler's clothes. Could I BE wearing any more clothes?

    14. As we continued on our journey, we made it to Chandler and Joey's apartment...yes, the dog sculpture made it, too!

    15. We even got to relax in the Barcaloungers!

    Us, basically:

    16. The foosball table was there, but don't worry — the chick and the duck were NOT stuck inside.

    17. You know who else was there? GLYNNIS!

    18. And, another round of EVEN MORE AMAZING PROPS!

    19. Finally, after getting our fill of amazing nostalgia, we ended the day where we hoped we would, right in Central Perk!

    Cheers to 25 years!