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    This Main "Grey's Anatomy" Character Wasn't In The Original Pilot

    Plus, more crazy revelations from Shonda Rhimes!

    Friends, I'm here to remind you that once upon a time there was a world where Grey's Anatomy didn't exist yet.

    Back in 2005, TV was a little boring because Friends had recently ended and everyone was like, "Hmm...what should I watch now?"

    Little did we know, Shonda Rhimes was about to blow all of our damn minds with the most *iconic* medical drama of our time. (Fight me, ER fans.)

    But the original show concept was pretty different from the show we all know and love today. As reported by Elle, Shonda Rhimes recently led a Masterclass on TV writing and spilled lots of fun facts about her early vision for Grey's Anatomy.

    For starters, the original working title for the show was NOT Grey's Anatomy. It was...Surgeons!

    What???? Is that like Friends, but they're S.U.R.G.E.O.N.S. instead??? That's a no from me.

    Shonda also revealed that Alex Karev wasn't even in the original concept, and his character was added into the show after the pilot was already shot.

    And in more weird news, the show almost didn't take place in Seattle. Originally, Shonda had her sights on a bigger city like NYC, Boston or Philly.

    Luckily, all of these little things were tweaked to give us the Grey's Anatomy we all know and love today. Show of hands if this just made you want to go watch it all over again...