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    "Great British Bake Off" Is Coming Back To Netflix Next Week — Here's Everything We Know

    I feel calmer already.

    Last month, we got the incredibly soothing news that The Great British Bake Off (aka the TV equivalent of a warm hug) had successfully filmed a full new season of the show during these trying times.

    Channel 4 / Via Giphy

    At the time, I thought we'd have to wait months for the new episodes, but then yesterday came an announcement that I'd imagine was even more thrilling than getting Star Baker:

    The tent is back open for business! On September 25, an all-new season of The Great British Baking Show will start rolling out on Netflix in The US — new episodes will be available every Friday (three days after they premiere in The UK)

    That's right, here in the US, we're getting brand-new episodes on a weekly basis starting Sept. 25 — aka NEXT FRIDAY — just three days after the live episodes air each week in the UK.

    Channel 4 / Via Giphy

    The new season will look a bit different — for starters, you'll notice that host Sandi Toksvig has left the show and was replaced with comedian and actor Matt Lucas.

    Put a little love in your tart. Join us on Tuesday 22nd September for the return of The Great British Bake Off! #GBBO

    Also, according to an interview with Radio Times, the cast and crew lived in a bubble for six weeks during production to ensure that the season was filmed safely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    And here's a sneak peek at the new roster of contestants who will surely melt our hearts (and melt a few cakes, on extra-hot days in the tent, I'm sure):

    Here they come, rolling up their sleeves. They bake the tastiest treats, for everyone they meet. Hey hey, it’s the bakers! And Series 11’s coming around! They’re so busy baking, and one winner will be crowned. #GBBO. Tuesday 22nd September. 8pm. @Channel4.

    We might be trading in Hollywood handshakes for Hollywood hand sanitizer, but I couldn't be more pleased by this news.

    Channel 4 / Via Giphy

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