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    41 Beautiful Bakes That Former "Great British Bake Off" Contestants Have Posted On Social Media

    Not a soggy bottom in sight!

    I don't know about you, but I'm positively thrilled that Great British Bake Off returns this week — the new season premieres today in the UK, with the new episodes coming to Netflix in the US on Fridays.

    In honor of the show's return, I was checking back in with the quarterfinalists from all 10 seasons of the show on Instagram, which proved (pun intended) to be an absolutely delightful activity.

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    If you're in the US, that means there are spoilers, since seasons 1 and 2 aren't available on Netflix yet — so if you don't want to know who makes the quarterfinals on those seasons, you've been warned.

    Here are some stunning and mouthwatering recent bakes from all the quarterfinalists who are active on Instagram, in no particular order:

    1. This beautiful and bright summer tart by Season 9's Rahul Mandal:

    2. This absolutely stunning cake by Season 10's Alice Fevronia:

    3. These delightful pistachio and lemon buns by Season 8's Sophie Faldo:

    4. These amazing donuts by Season 6's Nadiya Hussain:

    5. This beautiful brownie covered in cherries by Season 7's Selasi Gbormittah:

    6. This gorgeous peanut butter and Oreo tart by Season 1's Edd Kimber:

    7. This picturesque cake (with beautiful piping, of course) by Season 9's Kim-Joy Hewlett:

    8. This scrumptious chocolate Christmas cake by Season 1's Ruth Clemens:

    9. This fun and funky zebra bread by Season 8's Stacey Hart:

    10. These very aesthetically pleasing biscuit brownies by Season 5's Martha Collison:

    11. This summery cheesecake by Season 6's Paul Jagger:

    12. This elegant birthday cake by Season 7's Benjamina Ebuehi:

    13. This glorious bar by Season 8's Liam Charles:

    14. This delicate and pretty cake by Season 9's Manon Lagrève:

    15. This berry beautiful tart by Season 10's Henry Bird:

    16. This floral delight by Season 9's Briony May Williams:

    17. These cardamom buns by Season 2's Yasmin Limbert:

    18. This lovely wedding cake by Season 3's Cathryn Dresser:

    19. This cool chameleon pie by Season 10's Rosie Brandreth-Poynter:

    20. This almost-too-pretty-to-eat sourdough by Season 10's Steph Blackwell:

    21. This lovely hand-rolled croissant by Season 6's Flora Shedden:

    22. This Oreo delight by Season 5's Chetna Makan:

    23. This delightful family affair by Season 8's Steven Carter-Bailey:

    24. This perfect-for-quarantine banana bread by Season 10's David Atherton:

    25. This fun and whimsical Star Wars cake by Season 9's Ruby Bhogal:

    26. These perfect Jaffa cakes by Season 6's Ian Cumming:

    27. This sticky toffee birthday cake by Season 4's Beca Lyne-Pirkis:

    28. This bright and cheery lemon cake by Season 7's Jane Beedle:

    29. These divine brownies by Season 7's Candice Brown:

    30. This lovely berry mousse tart by Season 6's Tamal Ray:

    31. This beautifully frosted cinnamon bun by Season 7's Andrew Smyth:

    32. These sparkling cupcakes from Season 2's Joanne Wheatley:

    33. This spooky and fun brain cake by Season 2's Holly Bell:

    34. These perfect chocolate domes by Season 3's John Whaite:

    35. These lovely loaves by Season 3's James Morton:

    36. This amazing and detailed "M" cake by Season 4's Frances Quinn:

    37. These delicious-looking brownies filled with raspberries by Season 4's Kimberley Wilson:

    38. This delightful Paw Patrol cake by Season 4's Richard Burr:

    39. These salty and sweet cookies by Season 4's Ruby Tandoh:

    40. These glossy and gorgeous chocolate tarts by Season 5's Nancy Birtwhistle:

    41. And, as a bonus, since spooky season is upon us, here's a very on-brand Tim Burton–inspired tart by Season 10's Helena Garcia:

    Can't wait to see what the latest group of bakers brings us!

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