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    We Need To Talk About Ryan Gosling's Collar In The "Blade Runner" Poster

    Why the long neck?!

    This is Ryan Gosling's face:

    Yes, yes, it's very attractive and you probably want to make out with it. Which is why something *troubling* has happened on the new poster for Blade Runner 2049.

    Ryan's face is almost entirely obstructed by a giant collar:

    Srsly, can you even see Ryan's face at all????

    Helloooooo, Ryan Gosling! You in there????


    Who leaked this behind-the-scenes photo of you?

    Is this your female co-star? Is she the Blade Runnerette?

    Are you secretly in love with Keira Knightly at Christmastime but you can't tell her?

    Are you in the midst of fraternity recruitment?

    Are you Neo from The Matrix?

    Are you feeling like Pocahontas?

    Are you a famous book?

    Are you in a Gwen Stefani music video??

    Wait, wait, are you a classic Counting Crows song???

    Jokes aside, Ryan Gosling with only 3/4 of a face is still hotter than most people with a full face.

    THE END.