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Team USA Walked Out To "Gangnam Style" At The Olympics Opening Ceremony And It Was Something

"It's funny, I actually always imagined my Olympic dream taking place to 'Gangnam Style'..."

The 2018 Winter Olympics have *officially* kicked off, but something extremely 2012 has already happened — "Gangnam Style" started playing as teams entered the arena for the Parade of Nations:

In a surprise to no one, they're playing Gangnam Style during the Parade of Nations at the Pyeongchang Opening Ceremony.

As athletes march at the Opening Ceremony, biggest cheer is when Psy’s Gangnam Style starts playing #pyeongchang2018

South Korea has won all olympics..they are playing Gangnam style during the parade of nations. Its over..they win.

If you were keeping track, it took a full 36 minutes for Gangnam Style to play. Organizers showing much restraint.

More specifically, Psy's 2012 viral hit blasted as Team USA did their thing...

Yes, the United States just entered Olympic Stadium with Gangnam Style on the loud speakers... #OpeningCeremony

#TeamUSA enter stadium, some dancing to Gangnam Style

Team USA just walked in to Gangnam Style at the #OpeningCeremony. These Olympics are officially 🔥🔥🔥

...and even more specifically, it played whilst Vice President Mike Pence looked on:

I didn’t know I needed to see our nation’s very greatest human specimens and also mike pence set to gangnam style and yet here we are

The United States of America are entering to the Olympic Stadium to Gangnam Style as Mike Pence waves to them. Wel…

Mike Pence waving at fringe-glove-adorned Team USA as they enter the Pyeongchang Olympic Stadium while Gangnam Style plays.

Some people were thrilled to see Olympic dreams coming true...

it's funny, I actually always imagined my Olympic dream taking place to Gangnam Style #OpeningCeremony

...others have been over "Gangnam Style" for years:

me: it's 2018 already, gangnam style can leave- meanwhile korea: *plays the song at the olympics*

Basically, the whole thing has been a delightful throwback so far...

I still can’t get over the fact that the US walked in to Gangnam Style and the Tonga flagbearer showed up shirtless…

...and this is the moral of the story:

In 2018 “Gangnam Style” is still revelant

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