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    21 Tweets About The "Frozen 2" Teaser That Are Extremely Important

    "God is a woman and her name is Elsa."

    In case you haven't seen it yet, Disney the first Frozen II teaser this morning and I haven't stopped thinking about it for one minute since I first watched it:

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    I mean, honestly it looks like the epic adventure movie of my dreams. Game of Thrones is shaking!


    Naturally, people already have so many thoughts, comments, jokes, and more:


    Elsa: everything the light touches is our kingdom Arendelle. Olaf : but what about that shadowy place ? Elsa: That is weaseltown you must never go there


    If this doesn't end with Moana helping Elsa cross the sea and forming the Disney Princess Avengers, I'm OUT


    A series of very emotionally and physically painful things happen to me: 🤨 Elsa hones her powers and Anna uses a sword: 😭😭😭😭😭


    good morning, afternoon, evening, and year of the pig to Queen Elsa of Arendelle, her new pants suit, & no one else. #Frozen2


    elsa: you see that ocean? olaf: uh yeah elsa: (taking off her shoes) gonna freeze it olaf: i don't think that's how it works - elsa: gonna freeze that whole fucking ocean



    there’s these new characters in the frozen 2 trailer... could they be .... anna x kristoff spawn hmmmmmmmmmm


    Elsa looking like a rich lesbian CEO who killed her husband because she's a rich CEO who is lesbian and rich, and a CEO lesbian who is also rich. #Frozen2


    carol, nebula and elsa will defeat thanos together


    I don’t like it when she runs at the sea in the dark that scares me it’s very dangerous please be careful Elsa


    Walt Disney Animation Studios right now after dropping that trailer on us #Frozen2


    This is the only part of the Frozen 2 trailer I thought was a little strange


    kristoff is looking like a snack. that's it. that's the tweet. #frozen2



    A reindeer mountain man now has a sword. Well congrats on your promotion Kristoff #Frozen2




    That #Frozen2 trailer has a strange Game of Thrones-level of intensity and honestly I don’t hate it.


    god is a woman and her name is elsa the queen of arendelle #frozen2


    Me, on discovering they are making a Frozen 2: why must they always turn perfectly decent movies into a franchise? Me, two minutes later having watched the trailer: GIVE THIS TO ME NOW


    Me when Frozen 2 hits the movie theater. Idc idc

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