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23 Words That Only "Friends" Fans Will Truly Understand

Unagi (noun): A state of total awareness.

If you watch enough Friends, you begin to develop quite the vocabulary.

So, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Friends, Google created a "Friends Glossary" full of funny definitions of the phrases and words we've heard quoted over and over again in reruns.

Here's a list of words that have a totally different meaning to Friends fans:

1. Moo point:

2. Movement class:

3. Thursday:

4. Breezy:

5. Trifle:

6. Pivot:

7. Joey's apple:

8. Acrimonious:

9. Vtox:

10. Phalange:

11. Unagi:

12. Gleba

13. Holiday Armadillo:

14. Transponster:

15. Woopah:

16. Frienaissance:

17. Meat sweats:

18. Hand twin:

19. Fancy Guest:

20. On a break:

21. The box:

22. Noodle soup:

23. Lobster:

For more fun Google Easter eggs, try googling "Friends Glossary" and all of the characters' names.