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Fifth Harmony Claps Back At Journalist Who Called Them Divas

"We want to talk about our new music. We don't want to be shady, man."

It's Friday! It's the summer! I'm sure you have fun plans ahead or maybe you're just waiting to get to your couch for a Netflix binge, so I'll get right to it...


Earlier in the week, The Sun reporter Dan Wootton tweeted about a "young music group" turning into "total divas."

Sad but somewhat amusing when you see a young music group you've supported turn into total divas!

A few hours later, 5H's Lauren Jauregui solved that "mystery" real quick and responded to the tweet, saying he was just trying to start drama between women:

I'm not sure how trying to avoid answering probing questions meant to start drama b/w women is being "diva"..but th…

Wootton responded to Jauregui in a series of tweets, claiming he wasn't intending to start drama:

I've given you four years of support Lauren. I asked you about the circumstances of Camila's departure from the gro…

Yes I also politely asked you about your marijuana arrest, you anti Trump letter, bisexuality and your romance with…

The questions were in no way probing or intending to start drama. And everyone can listen for themselves tomorrow.…

Well, the interview in question from Wootton's podcast came out the next day and things did get a little awkward once he started asking questions about Camila Cabello's departure from the band. Here's the clip:

AWKS! Fifth Harmony really don't like talking about Camila Cabello. Their diva moment from my Bizarre Life podcast…

"We want to talk about our new music. We don't want to be shady, man."

Wootton also tweeted this about the encounter...

@FifthHarmony Intro: After spending just one hour recording my new Bizarre Life ­podcast with FIFTH HARMONY, I can…

...and this:

I totally understand why Camila - a genuinely lovely good soul- had to walk #FifthHarmony

Well, *the Internet* wasn't about to let that fly. Fifth Harmony fans were pissed that Wootton called the group "divas" just because they wanted to talk about their new music instead of talking about Camila:

"Fifth Harmony aren't the same as they were in 2012" "5H has changed wow" "5H are shady for not talking about *her*…

Now days you're call diva because you don't want to answer a question. And someone is pushing you to the edge to do…

how gon we believe perez and dan calling fifth harmony "divas" when everyone else who has interviewed them called t…

@LaurenJauregui is this “diva” behavior ??? idk idk idk

Some even pointed out that the band continued to answer questions even after it got awkward:

@danwootton If Fifth Harmony were really divas they would've walked out on the interview after you ask Camila questions? But they didn't.

Even people outside of the fandom came to 5H's defense:

The girls of @FifthHarmony being divas? No1 believes that. The fandom may be cray but those girls continuously show how humble they are!

As much I dislike fifth harmony as a music group, they were not being divas at all! That interviewer was wack af

Male journalists: women are not "divas" when they say no to answering your sexist intrusive questions.

Now that you have the evidence, weigh in for yourself...

  1. Did Fifth Harmony act like divas in that interview?

    Did Fifth Harmony act like divas in that interview?

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Did Fifth Harmony act like divas in that interview?
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    No way, they just wanted to focus on the music!
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    He's lucky they didn't end the interview in the middle!

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