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9 Badass Women Share Their Best Advice For The Next Generation

"Lift your fellow girls up."

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This week, we got to hang out backstage at the 2017 Glamour Women Of The Year Awards, which meant we got to soak up so much awesomeness from so many inspiring, fierce, and totally badass women.

They shared their best words of wisdom, and you'll basically have nine new life mottos by the time you finish watching this video. Here's what they had to say:

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1. Chloe and Halle

BuzzFeed/Aysia Marotta

“The best advice that I would have to pass to the next generation of women, and as I’m still learning myself, is to trust your gut and your light and don’t dim your light for anybody and no matter how many 'no’s' you get, you look in the mirror and tell yourself 'yes I can' and you continue to push forward no matter what.”

2. Nicole Kidman

BuzzFeed/Aysia Marotta

“To not let anyone break your spirit, to try to remove the self doubt as early as you can, to support other women, to surround yourself with mentors, to seek out the smartest people in the room to be your mentors, to listen, to learn, to stay hungry, and to take every opportunity you can.”


3. Gabby Sidibe

BuzzFeed/Aysia Marotta

“Pay no attention to 'no.' I pay no attention to 'no.' In fact, if you let me tell it, I’ve never heard 'no.' I get what I want and if you are a no, I’m just gonna climb over you and find my yes.”

4. Drew Barrymore

BuzzFeed/Aysia Marotta

“Believe that you can do it. And not do it ever in an angry way. Be a sister. Lift your fellow girls up. Be all about girl power and just believe in yourself.”

6. Katie Couric

BuzzFeed/Aysia Marotta

“As someone once told me when I got my job on The Today Show — he said, ‘Today you could be drinking the wine, tomorrow you could be picking the grapes.' Kindness and compassion should go hand in hand with ambition and drive.”