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    18 Pictures Of Famous Men Vs. Their Sons When They Were The Same Age

    I get that they're related, but some of these are really wild...

    1. Here's Ryan Phillippe at age 24 in 1998 vs. his son Deacon Phillippe at age 20 in 2023:

    deacon looking like his dad, wearing a suit with longer hair brushed back

    2. Here's Ice Cube (aka O'Shea Jackson Sr.) at age 33 in 2002 vs. his son O'Shea Jackson Jr. at age 32 in 2023:

    the two look identical, wearing the same type of suit and gold chains, beards, and short hair

    3. Here's Jude Law at age 27 in 1998 vs. his son Rafferty Law at age 26 in 2022:

    the two look and dress similar, both have curly hair

    4. Here's Dennis Quaid at age 32 in 1986 vs. his son Jack Quaid at age 31 in 2023:

    side by side of the two with longer brown hair, and same eyebrows

    5. Here's Damon Wayans Sr. at age 35 in 1995 vs. his son Damon Wayans Jr. at age 30 in 2012:

    the two look identical, same smile and eyes, and nose

    6. Here's Kurt Russell at age 36 in 1985 vs. his son Wyatt Russell at age 36 in 2022:

    kurt has longer hair but they both have the same jawline, nose, eyes and smile

    7. Here's David Beckham at age 26 in 2001 vs. his son Brooklyn Peltz Beckham at age 24 in 2023:

    both have their hair buzzed short with the same sparse facial hair

    8. Here's Donald Sutherland at age 33 in 1968 vs. Kiefer Sutherland at age 35 in 2001:

    donald has longer curly hair but they both have the same nose and jawline

    9. Here's Daniel Day-Lewis at age 32 in 1989 vs. his son Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis at age 26 in 2021:

    gabriel has neck tattoos and piercings but they have the same nose and chin

    10. Here's Cuba Gooding Jr. at age 27 in 1995 vs. his son Mason Gooding at age 27 in 2023:

    both wearing suits, they resemble each other but don't look exactly alike

    11. Here's Bill Pullman at age 40 in 1993 vs. Lewis Pullman at age 30 in 2023:

    both have longer hair parted to the side and the same face

    12. Here's Clint Eastwood at age 26 in 1956 vs. his son Scott Eastwood at age 26 in 2014:

    they have the same face

    13. Here's James Brolin at age 29 in 1969 vs. his son Josh Brolin at age 28 in 1996:

    both had the same long, side swept hair, james was clean shaven and josh had some facial hair

    14. Here's Martin Sheen at age 23 in 1963 vs. his son Emilio Estevez at age 23 in 1985:

    both have a good head of hair and have the same chin and clean face

    15. Here's Mark Consuelos at age 26 in 1997 vs. his son Michael Consuelos (in character on Riverdale) at age 21 in 2018:

    both have intense eyes and good hair, mark had a 5 o'clock shadow and michael is clean shaven

    16. Here's Tom Hanks at age 40 in 1996 vs. his son Colin Hanks at age 40 in 2017:

    both look similar, same eyes, but different noses

    17. Here's Eugene Levy at age 39 in 1985 vs. his son Dan Levy at age 40 in 2023:

    both have the same intense eyebrows and eyes, large glasses and same lips

    18. Finally, here's Will Smith at age 25 in 1993 vs. his son Jaden Smith in 2023:

    they have different noses and hair cuts but look very similar