I Can't Stop Thinking About Evan Peters' Drunk Acting On "Mare Of Easttown"

    He was coming out of his cage, but he was NOT doing just fine...

    🚨Spoilers for Mare of Easttown ahead 🚨

    Okay, so there's a lot happening on Mare of Easttown — from THAT absolutely heinous decision Mare made this week to Jean Smart playing Fruit Ninja, there's really never a dull moment.

    Evan Peters and Kate Winslet toasting at the bar

    But one thing I'd like to scream about this week is Evan Peters' absolutely flawless drunk acting.

    Evan Peters saying "Well howdy-do there partner" to Mare

    Evan was so convincing that it genuinely seemed like he was drunk, which is all just a credit to his amazing skill in this scene.

    Evan saying can we get one more for the milady

    In fact, Mare of Easttown director Craig Zobel weighed in and clarified that Evan was indeed actually sober...THAT's how good he was:

    @chrismont3s Sober, but drinking lil Dixie cups of apple cider vinegar every half hour or so from the on-set props master, to trigger sense memories. “Let me out down my bagel,” was an idea Evan had the night before and had me howling and crying in rehearsals, and I insisted we keep.

    Twitter: @craigzobel

    Yep, while Colin is recounting the morning his soon-to-be wife left him, he recalls how she woke up and fell out of love with him and he was just like...

    Evan saying "Okay, let me put my bagel down"

    He deserves an Emmy for that performance alone, and honestly the creation of a special category called "Best Drunk Acting In A Dive Bar Whilst 'Mr. Brightside' Plays In The Background." And I'm not the only one who thinks so. Here are some great tweets about the extremely important moment:


    Fucking Hell. Evan Peters in that scene just... I’m so floored by that performance. Every moment, gesture completely full and nuanced and deep. Not to mention it might be the most convincing drunk acting I’ve ever seen on film. In awe. #MareOfEasttown

    Twitter: @benjikahnx


    Evan Peters deserves an award for being the most convincing drunk in a show that I’ve EVER seen. (also, knew the priest was involved somehow...but I don’t think he killed her, I think it was Mare’s cousin) #MareOfEasttown

    Twitter: @chrismont3s


    Didn’t expect to laugh watching Mare of Easttown, but Evan Peters’ bagel comment … I felt that. MasterClass in drunk acting to Evan Peters and Kate Winslet. Give them all the Emmys 👏🏻🥯👏🏻🥯 #MareOfEasttown #HBO

    Twitter: @danie9er


    I was not emotionally prepared to see Kate Winslet and Evan Peters get drunk at a bar while Mr. Brightside blares on the soundtrack during tonight’s episode of MARE OF EASTTOWN 🥺

    Twitter: @drewstevenfrye


    Mare of Easttown is such an unusually good hang for a crime show that all the whodunnit stuff seems beside the point. I could just watch a full hour of Kate Winslet and Evan Peters drinking cheap beer in a bar while Mr. Brightside plays in the background.

    Twitter: @jhanteigh


    Evan Peters' drunk bar scene in episode 3 of Mare of Easttown is so good it's transcendent. That's the best bleary drunk acting I think I've ever seen. And so sad and hopeless and sweet.

    Twitter: @mifflangstone


    Drunk Evan Peter’s in Mare of Easttown, that’s a wrap on Emmy’s 2021 🙌🏽

    Twitter: @ninoellington

    8. In conclusion:

    Me: [Zero interest in Mare of Easttown] Internet: Look! Evan Peters. Me: [Watching Mare of Easttown]

    Twitter: @maisonblanc_