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Emma Roberts Just Got Bangs And People Are Being Pretty Blunt About Them

I have secondhand bangs-iety.

Emma Roberts showed up to the Critics' Choice Awards tonight with her boyfriend Evan Peters...

...and she debuted a brand new bangs *LEWK*:

It was a big change and people had some very strong takes:

American Horror Story: Emma Roberts' Hair

Emma Roberts is me when I lock myself in the bathroom at 3am and emotionally cut my hair

Emma Roberts is *obviously* paying homage to Gale Weathers' bad bangs & the Scream franchise where she starred alon…

Emma Roberts new haircut is like what everyone is afraid they’ll look like if they get bangs

Of course, others immediately jumped to her defense saying that she looked great and that people should just leave her alone:

emma roberts is gorgeous, so shut the f up

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Emma Roberts is slaying that hair so shut up, she looks gorgeous

Emma Roberts to all the haters: #criticschoice

I'll leave it in your hands now!