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Ellen DeGeneres Just Gave Away $1 Million To Her Audience And I'm Crying

"It's the biggest gift I've ever given anybody ever..."

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In honor of Ellen DeGeneres's 60th birthday, she's had a week full of fun and lots of surprises — but it honestly doesn't get much better than what just happened.

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On today's episode, Ellen explained that she partnered with Cheerios to encourage people to do "One Million Acts of Good" — and everyone in the audience was there because they participated in accomplishing that goal.

Ellen proceeded to list the different good deeds that her audience members had done. Like this couple who used their own money to drive 800 miles to deliver supplies during Hurricane Harvey...


But NO ONE in the audience saw what was coming next — Ellen revealed that she was giving away $1 million to be split between every person there.


And while I don't know the specifics on how many people were in the audience or how much money everyone took home, I do know it was still a nice chunk of change and a very generous gesture!!! (I did the math and hypothetically if there were 500 people there, everyone got $2000. Not too shabby.)