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Drake Wore Socks With Rihanna On Them And Fans Have The Feels

"I'm actually bored of Drake and Rihanna not being together..."

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So, you know the old saying, "If you're still hung up on someone, you should wear a pair of socks with their face on them..."? Well, apparently that's Drake's new motto:

See, in the pic above, Drake isn't just declaring his love for Drakkar Noir cologne. If you look closely he's rocking a pair of socks from Rihanna's new collection with Stance:

The pair he chose features Rihanna's look from their "Work" video and his caption "Trabajo" literally means work in Spanish.


Even though Rihanna and Drake ended things and she's moved on with businessman Hassan Jameel, people are still hoping these socks will bring them back together:

i'm actually bored of drake and rihanna not being together when he's out there wearing her socks

not a day passes by where i dont miss rihanna and drake together

Drake wearing Rihanna socks 💔

While they may never get back together, at least he'll always wear his heart on his feet.

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