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    Drake Bell Dressed Up As Totally Kyle In The Year 2020, And I Feel Nostalgic


    If you grew up watching The Amanda Show, you totally know who Totally Kyle — played by the one and only Drake Bell — is.


    Yep, he's the laid-back surfer dude who loved telling stories that didn't make very much sense and used the word "like" a bunch.

    Well, Drake announced on his Instagram story that he is active on Cameo, and revealed an extra little surprise.

    Cameo/Drake Bell / Via

    In case you don't know, Cameo is a site that allows you to purchase personalized celeb shoutouts for your friends and loved ones. Drake's, for example, costs $85.

    Drake isn't just recording Cameos as himself…he's also filming shoutouts as Totally Kyle!

    Cameo/Drake Bell / Via


    Cameo/Drake Bell

    Yes, this is a photo of Drake Bell as Totally Kyle in the year 2020. I absolutely love to see it.

    Cameo/Drake Bell / Via

    Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane.

    Cameo/Drake Bell / Via

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