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Drake And Josh Address Their Wedding Drama In A New Video Together

"The wedding looked like it sucked anyway..."

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Over the weekend at the VMAs, Drake Bell and Josh Peck finally put their wedding drama behind them and hugged it out — but it turns out that was just the beginning of their reunion.

Josh invited Drake to make an appearance on his vlog, and they finally cleared the air after Josh famously neglected to invite Drake to his wedding in June:

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But in a behind-the-scenes video from Josh's friend David Dobrik, Drake and Josh actually address the whole wedding thing in a joke fight:

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David even says he told Josh he should have invited Drake to the wedding.

They also joke about doing a new season of Drake & Josh on YouTube (yes, please) and Drake sings a part of the theme song:

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Oh, and finally, Josh says on camera that Megan sucks...


Basically just watch both videos for all the nostalgia we've been patiently waiting for...

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...and say RIP to the drama. It can't come to the phone right now. Why? 'Cause it's dead.

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