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    These Behind-The-Scenes Pics From "Dawson's Creek" Are Giving Me Life

    "I don't wanna waiiiiiiiit."

    So, I met my best friend because we were both obsessed with Dawson's Creek and it's still basically the only thing we ever talk about. The other day, she opened me up to a brand new world — Gail Leery's Instagram account.


    Actress Mary-Margaret Humes, who played Dawson's "back to you, Bob" mom on the show CONSTANTLY posts amazing behind-the-scenes pics from the show and I'm honestly FREAKING reelin'. Take a look:

    1. Here's Gail and Pacey goofing around and making out when the cast was shooting promo shots...

    2. ...and here's a nice portrait of Mitch and Gail from that same day and another one of them NOW:

    3. Here's Gail and Dawson with that baby she had in the later seasons, remember???

    4. Here's the cutest group pic of her with Dawson and Joey...

    5. ...and here's just a bunch of her with little Joey Potter aka Katie Holmes:

    6. Here's this fab foursome:

    7. Here's Mitch and Gail lookin' so in *looooove* it hurts thinking about how it ended...

    8. ...and here they are in a candid Polaroid:

    9. Here's most of the cast visiting with a terminally ill fan while filming the infamous "Promicide" episode from Season 4:

    10. Here's Gail and Pacey again, and I never knew these two were so close but I DIG IT because I love them so much:

    11. And finally, here's Pacey and Joey behind the scenes, melting my GODDAMN HEART FOREVER: