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    People Think Cynthia Nixon Just Chose Sides In That "Sex And The City" Feud

    "Miss you, Sarah Jessica Parker..."

    Earlier this month, the tension between former Sex and the City stars Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall came to a head with this Instagram post heard 'round the world.

    Needless to say, things are NOT CHILL between Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker.

    But the plot thickens! Just yesterday, Cynthia Nixon seemed to subtly-not-so-subtly declare where her loyalty lies. Yes, Miranda herself shared this photo reuniting with her Carrie:

    SJP was also thrilled to run into her former costar:

    Some fans were glad to see Cynthia seemingly showing she was Team Sarah Jessica:

    Others were decidedly Team Kim:

    And some were just curious whether or not Kristin Davis has any thoughts on the matter:

    But, despite the drama, I think we can all just love and appreciate the fact that the dynamic duo of Miranda and Carrie was finally back together again! 👯