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    Chrissy Teigen's Dad Got A Tattoo Of Her For Her Birthday And It's So Precious

    Father of the year!

    Roses are red, in April it's Earth Day...Chrissy Teigen's Dad got a tattoo of her for her birthday!!!!

    It's true! Chrissy's father, Ron Teigen Sr., got a picture of his daughter's lovely face tattooed on his left arm.

    Ron is also known for his other greatest hits, like this reaction to John Legend's Emmy nominations...

    ...and other excellent texts:

    His amazing carvings:

    my dad carves tiny wooden men if anyone wants one.

    And this brilliant conversation starter, which is so topical for the holiday season:

    Dad making his Christmas calls. “How’s your leg” seems to be his number one conversation starter

    Anyway, he's a truly delightful guy and now he has a tattoo of his daughter's face. Take note, dads everywhere!

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