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    Chrissy Teigen Roasting John Legend's V-Neck In "Jesus Christ Superstar Live" Is Literally All Of Us

    "I have a feeling whoever has the deepest V will be crucified..."

    There are three things that are certain in this life: death, taxes, and Chrissy Teigen's uncanny ability to hilariously roast John Legend at all times on social media.

    Angela Weiss / AFP / Getty Images

    Well, last night was a pretty huge moment for John — he starred (and completely slaaaaayed!) as Jesus Christ in NBC's Jesus Christ Superstar Live...

    ...and Chrissy was right there behind the scenes, live-tweeting the whole thing for our pleasure.

    She was READY to learn about both Jesus and superstars!!!!

    8 mins til #JesusChristSuperstarLive!! I can’t wait to learn about Jesus and superstars!!!!

    But, even though she was so excited for her hubby, Chrissy couldn't help but lovingly tease him for his V-neck shirt...

    I have a feeling whoever has the deepest V will be crucified

    ...and it got deeper and deeper as the night went on!

    I mean...

    Nbc / Getty Images

    ...that sure is one deep v!!!!

    Nbc / Getty Images

    Hours passed, and Chrissy just couldn't let it go!

    @johnlegend The deeper the V the closer to god

    Of course, V-necks aside, Chrissy was ridiculously proud of John's performance...

    ...and *almost* felt bad for bugging him at 3a.m. every day leading up to the big show:

    Please keep the 🔥 content coming, Chrissy.