Chrissy Teigen Knows Who Bit Beyoncé But She'll Never Tell

    "The problem is, I love everybody involved..."

    I won't soon forget where I was when I first heard the story Tiffany Haddish told about someone biting Beyoncé at a party — mainly because it just happened yesterday and I was literally right here at my desk. Live footage of me:

    Since then, there's been a lot of investigative work done on the subject, and one person who put on her detective hat is Chrissy Teigen herself.

    ICYMI, these were Chrissy's tweets on the subject:

    Eventually, since she is a member of the Hollywood inner circle, Chrissy found out who it was...

    @platinumjones My initial guess was wrong. The real person? I *never* would have guessed. I’VE SAID TOO MUCH

    ...but swore she'd NEVER tell.

    I AM NEVER TELLING I’m scared I’ve said too much KNOWLEDGE IS A CURSE!

    And she's sticking to her word! Just this morning, she appeared on Today, where Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford tried to grill her for the info.

    Chrissy confirmed that the bite happened and she knew who did it — and this is all she would say on the topic:

    I think we've all done things under the influence... It's not who I thought, I will say. The problem is I love everybody involved, so I'm like ZIP.

    Then, Chrissy joked about how she's been drunk enough to do some crazy things in the past, to the point that she asked John this very important question yesterday:

    Watch the whole clip here, and just keep on wondering about the mystery like the rest of us:

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