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    15 Celebrity Tweets You Missed This Week

    "What a day to be alive."

    1. Charlize Theron chilled with Nicole Kidman and Margot Robbie:

    I feel like I have to be honest. I’m in a new relationship. With both these ladies. For real.

    2. Cary Elwes, star of The Princess Bride, let his opinions on a remake BE HEARD:

    There’s a shortage of perfect movies in this world. It would be a pity to damage this one.

    3. KJ Apa shared the only reason he's on Twitter:

    The only reason I have twitter is to see if @colesprouse has been talking shit about me

    4. Ashley Tisdale tweeted in support of Sharpay, the true hero of High School Musical:

    Sharpay was chasing her dream, Troy and Gabriella were chasing each other 😏

    5. Ryan Reynolds shared his hilarious solution for children interested in watching Deadpool:

    No. Put on Spider-Man (from 2002) and tell him it’s Deadpool. It’s what I do with my kids. Remember to look him straight in the eye when you lie. Good luck. 🕷

    6. Lil Nas X shared a hilarious version of the Keke Palmer "Sorry to this man" meme:

    the audience when i walk on stage without a cowboy hat

    7. Kevin and Joe Jonas weighed in with reasons why Nick is the best for his birthday:

    @kevinjonas @jonaspilipinas @JonasMusicNews @Jonas_DailyNews @nickjambassador @BayAreaJonas @jbmemefactory @DailyNickJonas @GlobalJoBros @LifeofJonas @TheJonasScoop @jobrosooc @jobrospromos @WorldJonasNews @jbrosnews @justjonasthings @livinforjonas @JonasUpdatesNYC @JickNonasNews @JonasConcerts @nickjonas @JonasWorldFeed @jonasbrothers @BeyondType1 @JONASBR0 @JBTourUpdates Reason number 24 Nick is the best... He’s not only an amazing brother but a great best friend too. #NicksBirthdayTop27

    8. Lizzo shared some inspirational words...

    It’s because loving yourself don’t happen overnight.. self-hate is years of internalized programming from external influences... sometimes self-hate is chemical & effects ya mentally/emotionally.. give your growth time— it took me 10 years and I’m still not 100% there. ♥️

    9. ...and so did Lana Condor:

    Wherever you are in the world tonight/ morning, I want you to know that however lonely you might feel I’m right here for you. Deep breathing for you. Drink some water & read a good book. I’m thinking of you always 💕🌎🙏🏽

    10. Ashleigh Murray shared what went through her head at the Tribeca ~TV~ Festival:

    Me: *don’t say film, don’t say film, don’t say film, don’t say — @ArchieComics: Hey! Can you say a little hi to the fans about where you are and what’s up for Instagram? 😃 Me: Sure! “Hi guys! I’m at The tRiBeCa FiLm fEsTiVaL —” Archie it.

    11. Andy Cohen took a selfie with a fan on a plane after her husband adorably reached out:

    12. Zendaya wished a happy birthday to her Euphoria character, Rue:

    Happy birthday RueRue (some footage that didn’t make it, ready to go back now) @euphoriaHBO

    13. Taylor Swift tweeted about doing her first Rolling Stone cover in five years:

    I hadn’t done a @RollingStone cover in 5 years, and hadn’t seen @hiattb since I got in 2 car crashes while driving him around during our interview in 2012. 🤦‍♀️ There were no cars driven this time, but we had a lot to catch up on. 📷: Erik Madigan Heck

    14. Dax Shepard shared this video of Brad Pitt confessing his love to him:

    What a day to be alive.

    15. And Cardi B had a question:

    Question . Do guys measure their dicks?