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    15 Celebrity Tweets You Missed This Week

    "One day, I’m gonna perform the halftime show at the Super Bowl. Onnnee dayyy..."

    1. Mindy Kaling gave a shoutout to vegetables:

    A moment of respect for the crudités platter, the loneliest item at the super bowl party

    2. Ellen DeGeneres shared this tweet about Demi Lovato's amazing prediction from 2010:

    Today was the day. And you were incredible. #SuperBowl

    3. And then Demi tried to shoot her shot one more time, because it worked that first time:

    One day, I’m gonna perform the halftime show at the super bowl. Onnnee dayyy....

    4. Kim Kardashian West found out that North was taking over her Snapchat:

    OMG I had no idea she did this until now lol

    5. Reese Witherspoon fangirled over Demi Lovato's national anthem performance:

    Really need to say , WOW! @ddlovato gave a gorgeous performance at #SuperBowl2020, right after that insane #Grammy’s performance. 2x💯⭐️ I mean ... What a week for her !

    6. Jennifer Lopez memed herself:

    Sliding into the after party like ... #SBLIV #SuperBowlLIV

    7. Brie Larson stanned Shakira:

    This is why I have a twitter account and continue to be a forever Stan of @shakira !!!!!!!

    8. Richard E. Grant commissioned a Barbra Streisand statue:

    Commisioned a sculpture of @BarbraStreisand as I’ve been an avid fan for over half a century. It’s 2 foot tall and finally received it today!!

    9. John Mulaney announced that he'll be hosting SNL and it was so precious:

    “And you may ask yourself, ‘ did I get here?’” I cannot believe I am lucky enough to host SNL a third time, and that David Byrne will be there too. It’s mind boggling. Way too many dreams from 1990 are coming true. Man oh Man. This is a purely happy moment.

    10. Madonna offered Megan and Harry her NYC apartment:

    Do Megan and Prince Harry want to sublet my apartment on Central Park West?? ..................🗽❌ #madamextheatre #thelondonpalladium

    11. Rebel Wilson showed off her ideal seating arrangement:

    Bags’ing my seat for the Oscars x can’t wait for Sunday x

    12. Jordan Fisher binge-watched Cheer:

    Ellie and I are about halfway through #Cheer on @netflix, and let me tell you...I need @Jerry_K2TR in my everyday life. And THATS on period.

    13. Debra Messing welcomed Billie Lourd to Will & Grace:

    Please give a warm @WillandGrace welcome to @praisethelourd! Following in her beloved grandmother Debbie Reynold's footsteps ❤️ #WillandGrace

    14. Lana Condor joined YouTube:

    MY LOVES! I MADE A YOUTUBE CHANNEL! I really wanted to share with you a little more of my life and connect with you more, because you mean the world to me 🙈💕 . Sooo check it out!! The first video is LIVE NOW. Xx

    15. And Chrissy Teigen showed off her new leggings: