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    18 Celebrity Tweets About "Game Of Thrones" From This Week

    "My Game of Thrones review: Even my cat is a mess."

    1. Rainn Wilson was extremely relatable.

    I can’t wait to watch Game of Thrones tonight for 53 minutes and then spend 4 hours over the course of the week reading about the episode.

    2. Leslie Jones continued to delight with her weekly live-tweets.

    They try to act like they not but they friends, @GameOfThrones

    3. Kumail Nanjiani proved EVERYONE is stressed about what's to come next week.

    My Game Of Thrones review: Even my cat is a mess.

    4. Lupita Nyong'o LOL'd at this truth:

    5. Cynthia Erivo cheered on Arya.

    ARYA STARK!!! This badgyal!!!! She ain’t got NO TIME TO PLAY!!! Get your goodies !!! #GameofThrones

    6. Meanwhile, Kendra Wilkinson wasn't convinced...

    Great episode tonight. Can’t wait for the next one. Can’t tell if Arya is satisfied though... 😂😂😭😭😭 #gameofthrones

    7. Neither was T-Pain.

    “That was trash”- Arya probably

    8. Elizabeth Banks had a bad feeling.

    Newly-knighted Brienne is a dead woman. #hottake

    9. Aaron Rodgers learned about the joys of hashtags.

    24 hour rule still applies folks, for all those who thought there were better things to do tonight than watch @GameOfThrones #iwaswatching #4moreepisodes #episode5shouldbegood #

    10. Mark Hoppus (yes, of Blink-182 fame) made me LOL.

    Jaime: It’s weird that I’ve been making sex to my sister for like years now... Jon Snow: Man same I just found out I’m sleeping with my aunt! Tormund, drunk: I wAs rAiSeD oN a gIaNT’s NipPle sInCe I wAS TEN YEARs OLD!!

    11. Minnie Driver channeled last night's energy into this week.

    Ok well I don’t know about you , but I’m taking that “Arise, Brienne Of Tarth , Knight of the Seven Kingdoms” out into Monday. #GameOfThrones #GOT8

    12. Conan O'Brien was ready for the episode all day on Sunday.

    I hope I'm not the only person at Easter Mass dressed as Arya Stark.

    13. Ava DuVernay had a one-track mind.

    When #GOT gives us: Arya + Gendry Sansa + Theon Greyworm + Missandei Sam + Gilly Sansa + Dany Lannister Brothers Reunion Mormont Fam Reunion Tormund + The Giant’s Wife Aegon + Daenerys But all I can think about is... “Arise, Brienne of Tarth. Knight of the Seven Kingdoms!” Yas!

    14. Jenny Han made a joke about how dark the show is...literally.

    Me trying to watch Brienne get knighted

    15. Bryan Greenberg made a Tormund meme.

    Didn’t get the digits last time. Then you show up to the same bar a week later...

    16. Ryan Phillippe dropped this, which is just a funny Cruel Intentions reference and not a dig:

    game of thrones is for geeks and pedophiles

    17. Hannah Hart expressed what we're all feeling.

    Part of me wishes they would just end #GameofThrones after last night's episode. It was so happy. And conclusive! The end! No need for battles! Everyone lives, right?? RIGHT!? 😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭

    18. And Mariah Carey spoiled the ending of the whole thing.

    Major Game of Thrones spoilers.... . . . . . . . . . . .

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