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    21 Real Celeb Drunk Tweets We're Privileged Enough To See

    "I'm drunk and I want to have sex right now!"

    1. When Amy Schumer recreated a classic film:

    Drunk on a Plane" movie about me right now, no Samuel L in sight

    2. When Kim Kardashian revealed her drink of choice:

    The festivities have started!!!! One white russian coming up! Hmmm who can I drunk dial tonight?

    3. When Leslie Jones shared a little bit TMI:

    I'm drunk and I want to have sex right now!! Dammit !!

    4. When Mindy Kaling shared her life motto:

    5. When Katy Perry hit the eggnog too hard:

    Damn, it's hard to wrap presents when you're drunk. cc @santa

    6. When Chrissy Teigen was annoying AF to John Legend:

    7. When Jenny Slate wasn't sure if she was drunk or not:

    Guy in bagel place asked if I was drunk. I honestly am not sure?

    8. When Amy Schumer was drinking for two:

    wine guy at coppola, "are you sure you want another glass of wine" me "yes I'm drinking for 2"

    9. When Sarah Hyland had a great plane ride:

    I feel like the only way to fly is to fly after you've had about 4 glasses of wine. 🍷🍷🍷🍷 #buzzedtweets

    10. When Jessica Biel made a wine invention that I'd low-key want to try:

    When sightseeing all I want is a tray that hangs from my neck with a hot dog and a white wine spritzer on it. Is that too much to ask?

    11. When Anna Kendrick redefined "special occasions":

    That bottle of wine that you have in case of a "special occasion" and how 7pm starts to feel real "special" when you got no other booze

    12. When Chris Pratt had the perf night planned:

    Zac Brown Band, Hollywood Bowl, bottle of wine, my sweet wife. I mean, come on.

    13. When Busy Philipps made a new drunk bestie:

    Just had an insane connecting flight(that I almost missed) seated next to a drunk guy who cracked me up. Meet Nick!

    14. When Anna Kendrick got the drunk truth out of her friends:

    Wine + Emmys= I've learned which male celebs my gay guy friends would bone. And also my straight guys friends "if they had to"

    15. When Kelly Clarkson decided it was 5 o'clock somewhere:

    Slammed finger n car door, no pain meds around so had to start drinking wine @ 11am. Not a great start 2 the day but thank you God for wine!

    16. When Mae Whitman luckily avoided wine mouth:

    I know ultimately I'm #blessed that for some reason I am not susceptible at all to red wine mouth but sometimes it makes me feel left out

    17. When B.J. Novak came up with a new party trick:

    The next time a waiter asks me to taste the wine I am going to do a spit take that makes the whole restaurant turn around

    18. When Aziz Ansari was a super charitable drunk:

    Woops. Got wasted last night and drunk texted $15,000 in donations to Haiti relief efforts.

    19. When Sarah Hyland had a good cry:

    Ya know..... Just day drinkin wine on my way back to LA watching How to be Single. And bawling my eyes out. You're welcome for the visual.

    20. When Retta was #BuzzedAndLikingIt:

    Um, peachy white wine sangria @GansevoortPark hotel restaurant FOR. THE. WIN! #BuzzedAndLikingIt I drink too much.

    21. And when Busy Philipps, like all of us, was sick of your judgement:

    Sooooo drunk!!!! Don't judge!!!!!!!!!!!!

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