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    18 Celeb Reactions To "WandaVision" To Get Us Through To The Finale

    "Need. WandaVision. Now."

    So, pretty much everyone is talking about WandaVision, and right now I'm just over here trying to make it through this week until the finale:

    Wanda saying it's probably just a case of the mondays on wandavision

    And celebs are talking about it just as much as the rest of us! The cast and crew of WandaVision loves the show as much as Darcy Lewis does:

    1. Teyonah Parris danced to "Agatha All Along":

    2. Kat Dennings was so excited to have a Darcy Lewis emoji:

    I HAVE A #DarcyLewis EMOJI?! Goodbye I have passed away

    3. Meanwhile, Kristen Anderson-Lopez, who wrote all of those extremely catchy theme songs with her husband Bobby Lopez, shared some insight into the music:

    If you are wondering why you were so ready for the last song, it’s because, you were hearing the same song week after week. via @YouTube #WandaVision #AgathaAllAlong #Itwasintervalallalong

    Twitter: @Lyrikris10

    Fun fact: They also wrote the music for Frozen and Coco, among many other things.

    4. She also defined "perfidious" for us, which we've all been singing for two weeks now:

    per·fid·i·ous /pərˈfidēəs/ adjective deceitful and untrustworthy. #WandaVision #SATwordsinsongs

    Twitter: @Lyrikris10

    5. Paul Bettany encouraged teens to stop watching WandaVision...but only for snow-shoveling purposes, of course:

    Dear teens across the US - it’s a big snowstorm. I just shovelled my sidewalk, then walked the dog, & saw other ancients shovelling their sidewalks- Teens stop watching #WandaVision for 5 mins & shovel some snow u lazy puppies. If you’ve already shovelled ignore my rude message.

    Twitter: @Paul_Bettany

    6. And he shared this beautiful WandaVision poster:

    Check out this incredible poster art from @cakes_comics! Keep an eye on @MarvelUK to find out how to get your hands on one, and don’t miss #WandaVision now streaming on @DisneyPlusUK

    Twitter: @Paul_Bettany

    And so do so many more celebs:

    7. Jimmy Fallon shared the sitcoms he'd live through if he were Wanda, as part of this meme format:

    You’re Wanda, what sitcoms do you live through? #WandaVision

    Twitter: @jimmyfallon

    8. And so did Josh Gad:

    You’re Wanda, what sitcoms do you live through? #WandaVision I think I did this right?

    Twitter: @joshgad

    9. Josh Gad also celebrated Kathryn Hahn for her incredible performance:

    There is nothing more joyful than watching #KathrynHahn tear a magical new asshole into the #Marvel Universe with her brilliance on #WandaVision as #AgnesTheNeighbor

    Twitter: @joshgad

    10. Kid Cudi was direct and to the point, expressing something we've all felt every day except Friday for the past two months:

    Twitter: @KidCudi

    11. Yvette Nicole Brown celebrated this already-iconic line of dialogue:

    “What is grief but love persevering?” Give WHOEVER wrote that line an Emmy right now. @wandavision

    Twitter: @YNB

    12. And so did Laurie Hernandez:

    “what is grief, if not love persevering?” thanks for ripping my heart out vision #WandaVision

    Twitter: @LaurieHernandez

    13. Pedro Pascal made it known that he is also loving WandaVision:

    Twitter: @PedroPascal1

    14. Kevin Smith shared a bunch of thoughts that I definitely had while watching this week's episode:

    Vision and the Scarlet Witch... Sokovia... The reason they’re in Westview... My God, I love @wandavision!

    Twitter: @ThatKevinSmith

    15. Katee Sackhoff shed a tear:

    OMG it was Soooo good!!!!!! 😢 WandaVision is my favorite ❤️ @disneyplus @wandavision

    Twitter: @kateesackhoff

    16. Hank Green chose a Disney+ favorite:

    Wandavision gives me way more of what I want than The Mandalorian.

    Twitter: @hankgreen

    17. Karamo just learned that Elizabeth Olsen is related to Mary-Kate and Ashley, like a lot of others:

    Omg I was today years old when I realized #WandaMaximoff from @wandavision is an Olsen. 😳

    Twitter: @Karamo

    18. And Tom Holland adorably revealed to The Playlist that he's watched the whole show with his Spider-Man 3 cast:

    Tom saying he's obsessed with WandaVision and it's his favorite Marvel thing he's even seen