15 Celebrity Tweets You Missed This Week

    "Tequila is a snack, right?"

    1. Dylan O'Brien got right to the point:

    2020 is fucking relentless https://t.co/MsUyqHdGfU

    2. Kerry Washington sweetly responded to her eighth-grade teacher:

    OMG!!!! Hi 😍 Thank you for watching!!!!! And thank you for inspiring me and sooo many other students!!! https://t.co/Xf9wU6jbhI

    3. Cardi B approved another meaning of "WAP":

    Lmfaaaaoooooooo Yeup yeup https://t.co/iMKRgvV42i

    4. Lana Condor celebrated two years of To All the Boys I've Loved Before:

    I’m a day late, but it’s the TWO year anniversary of our beautiful movie “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before.” It changed my life completely and I will forever be grateful for the books brought to life by my sister @jennyhan and for you, the fans, who are worth it all xx 💕

    5. Mindy Kaling was hilariously petty:

    This is evil but nothing makes me happier than knowing a super healthy chef-type person I follow on Instagram’s kids hate the healthy food at their house and binge Doritos when they visit their friends

    6. Miley Cyrus wanted people to stream her ~new~ song, "Midnight Sky":

    Streaming the wrong song https://t.co/exYFyMR6Ts

    7. Kehlani threw it back to an iconic episode of Moesha:

    the episode of Moesha where she go to the Brandy concert 😂

    8. Ellen Pompeo shared her favorite snack:

    Snack? tequila is a snack right? Wait for it https://t.co/GycuRQOgdq

    9. Cher was just trying to help out at the post office:


    10. Olivia Wilde got us pumped for a mysterious, spidery new Marvel movie:

    11. Hasan Minhaj said goodbye to Patriot Act:

    What a run. @patriotact has come to an end. I got to work with the best writers, producers, researchers, and animators in the game. My 2 babies were born and grew up with the show. TY to @Netflix and everyone who watched. Now it’s time to return these screens to Best Buy 😎

    12. Mandy Moore celebrated 21 years of "Candy":

    21 years ago....don't you miss it, too? 🍬

    13. JoJo and Missy Elliott had the sweetest interaction:

    zero exaggeration when I state the fact that you are the GOAT I love you so much missy!!!!!!! https://t.co/4jNFRQU5Ow

    14. Seth Rogen's message requests on Instagram got ~very~ interesting:

    Shoutout to all the teenagers using my Instagram Message Request to have truly insane group chats!

    15. And Chrissy Teigen was excited for some new Peaky Blinders:

    They’re back filming peaky blinders yay! yes I follow the insta okay