15 Celebrity Tweets You Missed This Week

    "I'm not not on my period."

    Another week at home meant more recipes, Zoom calls, and ~very~ important questions from celebs. Here are some of their best tweets:

    1. Jamie Lee Curtis had an all-time great response to someone who called her broke:

    You are a grumpy goat. I sold activia yogurt for seven years. I wasn’t broke. https://t.co/Jl8qGdkNse

    2. Mindy Kaling was excited that Charlie Puth digs her show Never Have I Ever:

    3. Dua Lipa tried out a new look:

    workshopping inside outside outfits

    4. Kerry Washington got a hot tip from Chrissy Teigen:

    Oh. I love this. Definitely gonna be serving up this magic this week! https://t.co/J8B0jMGUHH

    5. Steve Martin tried to escape things for a minute, but it didn't work out too well:

    I go biking to get away from it all. Then, this....

    6. Cardi B had a question:


    7. Lin-Manuel Miranda got embarrassed by his dad, just like the rest of us:

    Not the braces years, pa...😫 https://t.co/YbAnh5ABp8

    8. Ariana Grande wrote a sweet tribute to Lady Gaga after the release of "Rain on Me":

    one time ..... i met a woman who knew pain the same way i did... who cried as much as i did, drank as much wine as i did, ate as much pasta as i did and who’s heart was bigger than her whole body. she immediately felt like a sister to me.

    9. Chrissy Teigen shared a mood:

    10. Halsey was extremely relatable to Twi-hards:

    have you cried to Robert Pattinson singing “let me sign” in the twilight montage or are you normal

    11. Ryan Seacrest switched things up for Zoom:

    Switched up the Zoom background. Georgia picked her favorite spot!

    12. Viola Davis shared her quarantine fitness routine:

    My new quarantine fitness routine! 🍷🏋🏿‍♀️😂 #MondayMotivation

    13. Tom Hanks found some stuff:

    Look! I hit on a King and a Deuce! 21! Hanx.

    14. Debby Ryan had a quarantine baking journey:

    me last month: *spends three days over a hot plate with gelatin and a candy thermometer perfecting panna cotta* me now: “dude can I use your protein powder? I’m tryna make a cinnamon roll in the microwave”

    15. And Lili Reinhart reminisced about ~style~:

    Remember in 2005 when girls wore tank tops that stretched down past their hip bones holy shit looking at you Abercrombie and hollister. And yes I absolutely wore that shit.