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    15 Celebrity Tweets You Missed This Week

    "Do ants poop?"

    From deep questions to quarantine beards, celebs were doing the most on Twitter this week at home. Here are some tweets you may have missed:

    1. Chrissy Teigen sold some cherries in Animal Crossing:

    2. Cole Sprouse tweeted a rhyme…

    My ass, the thickiest. My toks, the tickiest.

    3. …but his Riverdale costar, Camila Mendes, may have come up with it first:

    4. Frankie Muniz forgot some valuables:

    Damn...I left my Creed CD in my wife's car.

    5. Noah Cyrus and Lil Nas X had this exchange:

    i got u bro 😌

    6. Jim Carrey showed off his quarantine beard…

    Day 49. Rate of facial hair growth: Normal. I’d like to thank my mom Kathleen for giving me just enough human DNA to blend in. Happy Human Host Day!

    7. …and then promptly shaved it off:

    I shaved because...hey, I don’t need a reason. I just shaved damn-it!

    8. Mandy Patinkin learned about GIFs:

    9. Viola Davis shared a mood:

    10. Lin-Manuel Miranda's son was confused by this connection:

    Tried to explain to the 5 year old that Kristoff from Frozen is ALSO King George and he was like

    11. Pete Wentz explained the struggles of having a toddler in quarantine:

    You really haven’t quarantined til you have quarantined with a toddler 😖

    12. Taylor Swift posted her buns:

    when you’re proud of your buns so you post them on the internet

    13. Rachel Brosnahan did some late night Harry Potter googlin':

    It’s 2 am and am inexplicably still awake and googling what my Harry Potter house is. HBU?

    14. Ava DuVernay shared a prom throwback:

    Kids are posting homemade prom pix taken from backyards, porches, stoops because their proms are cancelled. Wonder how the Class of 2020 - who didn’t have a normal graduation or prom - does out in the world. Hope they do better than everyone before them. Make us proud. #prompride

    15. And Cardi B had a question: