15 Celebrity Tweets You Missed This Week

    "At least we have Tiger King."

    Another week inside, another week full of celeb tweets on everything from binge-watching to pants to shirtless selfies. Here are some of the best:

    1. For starters, Tom Hanks gave another update on his coronavirus recovery:

    2. Lili Reinhart had an extremely valid question:

    I don’t understand why someone would be wearing jeans inside their home all day. Why would someone do that.

    3. KJ Apa was binge-watching Sex Education:

    Sex education is the best show I’ve ever seen in my life

    4. Beanie Feldstein shared the sweet way she's staying close to her girlfriend during this quarantine:

    I'm staying inside in LA & my girlfriend is doing the same in Liverpool. Today I made the Penny Lane sign. (She's in my ears and in my eyes.) I'm not the best artist, but it brought me joy. If you are separated from someone you love- draw where they are. It might make you smile!

    5. Zach Braff (and truly everyone else) watched Tiger King:

    At least we have “Tiger King.”

    6. Chrissy Teigen took the Tiger King obsession to the next level by sharing this edit of her son, Miles:

    7. James Blunt cracked me up:

    During lockdown, while many other artists are doing mini-concerts from their homes, I thought I’d do you all a favour and not.

    8. Mindy Kaling shared her quarantine meeting vibe:

    Quarantine meetings be like… @djgoor

    9. Reese Witherspoon shared a photo with her onscreen Little Fires Everywhere husband, Joshua Jackson — oh, and the answer is, they costarred in Cruel Intentions:

    The Richardson's are reporting for duty! So fun working with @vancityjax on @littlefireshulu! 🔥Quick 90’s quiz: What movie did Josh and I star in together in 1999?

    10. Chris Meloni tweeted two versions of his quarantine kilt:

    Quarantine Kilt. With glasses or without? https://t.co/6cjHR3Tbe7

    11. Missy Elliott shared a PSA:

    12. Hugh Laurie channeled his inner House:

    I can't speak for House, obviously - no one's written clever words for me to say - but I'm pretty sure he'd tell you it's not a matter of 'solving' Covid. This is an epidemic, not a diagnostic problem. We solve it together by staying apart.

    13. Fran Drescher teased a Nanny surprise:

    Awe hang in! We got a surprise for you! Announcement this week! Stay tuned! Weeeee!!!👏🏼 https://t.co/DTe4rE6IRc

    14. Mia Farrow embarrassed Ronan in front of The Rock:

    @RonanFarrow 😂 yup that’s my life too. #mompleasedont

    15. And Jaden Smith wanted to start a "Tic Toc":

    Imma Start A Tic Toc Just To Cry On It