15 Celebrity Tweets You Missed This Week

    "I did a thing..."

    1. Aly Raisman shared a video of Chris Evans playing with her dog:

    2. Michael B. Jordan was named People's Sexiest Man Alive:

    The @people said it ! #sexiestmanalive https://t.co/lYcNTLSPn3

    3. Janet Hubert tweeted after the Fresh Prince reunion premiered on HBO Max — the special included a powerful moment between her and Will Smith:

    #FreshPrinceReunion I am so thankful for all the love being shown and the understanding. Will and team let me participate in whatever I wanted and felt comfortable doing. After 27 years of disconnect we are all different people. It was great seeing everyone, life is too short!

    4. Dolly Parton talked about her incredible $1 million donation to the coronavirus vaccine research:

    When I donated the money to the Covid fund I just wanted it to do good and evidently, it is! Let’s just hope we can find a cure real soon.

    5. Taylor Swift made a statement about the sale of her masters:

    Been getting a lot of questions about the recent sale of my old masters. I hope this clears things up.

    6. Sterling K. Brown and Sarah Paulson teased a collab that I honestly need RIGHT NOW:

    @SterlingKBrown YES. Now. RIGHT NOW, BIG TIME. I AM READY.

    7. Sir Anthony Hopkins shared a selfie:

    Appreciating this quiet Sunday. Stay present. One day at a time.

    8. Justin Bieber hilariously threw it back to this interview where he asked who Shawn Mendes was — the two released a single, "Monster," together this week:

    9. Keke Palmer shared a red-carpet throwback:

    Back when my mom made me wear custom only to the carpet, Palmer was the only designer we could afford 😆 https://t.co/i8ZzooOB2b

    J. Vespa / WireImage

    10. Kate Walsh jokingly revealed how Addison would feel about Meredith and Derek's Grey's Anatomy reunion:

    Gal u already know how Addie would’ve reacted to this 🤣 ❤️ Sending so much love from overseas to @EllenPompeo & @PatrickDempsey on their internet-breaking reunion 💋💃 #GreysAnatomy @GreysABC

    11. Miley Cyrus absolutely canceled International Men's Day:

    Not on my calendar! #PRISONER is coming! @dualipa 🍒🩸💋 https://t.co/5lEZVffgGD

    12. Oprah showed us how she filmed an "in-person" interview with former president Barack Obama that took place on two different coasts:

    Did y’all know that me and former President @BarackObama weren’t even in the same room for this interview? He was in D.C. and I was in California. But thanks to the power of technology (and @DrewBarrymore), now I may never leave my house 😂

    13. Halsey hilariously shared the celebs she's been told she looks like:

    14. Mariah Carey was thrilled to watch The Crown, Season 4:

    Well done you, @TheCrownNetflix, dahhhlings! ❤️❤️❤️

    15. And Demi Lovato revealed a new haircut: