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    15 Celebrity Tweets You Missed This Week

    "Renée Zellweger complimented my dress so looks like all is well in my life."

    1. Chrissy Teigen felt compelled to brag about a sweet gesture from John Legend:

    I do not normally brag about john, as it is my schtick to make fun of him always, but he flew from London to LA instead of London to DC to have dinner with me and watch love island UK because I haven’t been feeling like myself lately. Just a few hours but it meant a lot. Thank u

    2. Tinashe was looking for book suggestions:

    What books are we reading right now?

    3. Reese Witherspoon appreciated Kim Kardashian's Elle Woods Halloween costume:

    Elle Woods forever! 💞💞💞

    4. Keke Palmer appreciated a "Sorry to This Man" costume…

    5. …and Rachel Brosnahan appreciated a Marvelous Mrs. Maisel costume:

    TBH @AlexBorstein you look hot with a goatee.

    6. Stephen Amell revealed that Emily Bett Rickards will return to Arrow for the series finale:

    There’ll be a lot of news coming out about our final episode over the next few months. I prefer when you hear it from us. Welcome back Emily.

    7. Maggie Rogers felt SEEN:

    8. Hailey Bieber was HOOKED on Dexter:

    Sorry I’ve been absent. I am on season 3 of Dexter. Be back when I finish the whole series 🖐🏼

    9. Kerry Washington reunited with her Scandal love, Tony Goldwyn:

    Had a #ScandalFam reunion over the weekend. It was AMAZING to see everyone. But these two losers were the only ones who showed up in merch 🥴🤣 #Olitz

    10. Lady Gaga shared this epic pumpkin:

    11. Pete Wentz appreciated Taylor Swift saying she was inspired by Fall Out Boy:


    12. Jenna Dewan shared her Halloween baby bump:

    13. Lili Reinhart really peaked:

    Renée Zellweger complimented my dress so looks like all is well in my life.

    14. Gabrielle Union FINALLY shared her ~secret~:

    Secret you ask... water, tequila, boundaries & an extra helping of accountability 🖤💪🏾 #47

    15. And Noah Centineo shared some words of wisdom:

    You’re lucky to be alive kiddo