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    15 Celebrity Tweets You Missed This Week

    "My hair and makeup person is one hour and twenty minutes late."

    1. Frankie Muniz had a great tweet on Golden Globes night:

    In 2002 I was nominated for a Golden Globe. In 2020, I'm just sitting here staring in the mirror at my balding head.

    2. Henry Winkler was shook at the Golden Globes:

    3. Rita Wilson had some hair and makeup struggles

    My hair and makeup person is one hour and twenty minutes late.

    4. …and then she had a great exchange with Chrissy Teigen about it:

    You make me laugh, Chrissy!!!

    5. Jeopardy! Greatest of All Time contestants Brad Rutter and Ken Jennings got themselves in our quiz

    @bradrutter @BuzzFeed Very relieved.

    6. …but James Holzhauer did not:

    7. Kevin Jonas wanted to get his hands on a Jonas Brothers research paper:

    I would very much like to read this

    8. Ellen Pompeo was, presumably, confused for Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in a tweet, and had a pretty great reply:

    A lot can happen while in hot yoga... who knew?

    9. Chance the Rapper shared his pizza preferences:

    10. Dashboard Confessional had an iconic version of the "canceling plans" meme:

    canceling plans is ok. laying entwined here, undiscovered is ok. staying quiet and near is ok. getting some is ok. dying happy is ok. kissing me like you meant it is ok. do what you need to do to cope.

    11. Rihanna shared her first selfie of the year:

    first selfie of the year doe. #2020

    12. Miley Cyrus announced a whole lot of NEW for 2020:

    13. Ariana Grande professed her love for Imogen Heap:

    i will never love anyone more than @imogenheap

    14. Hailey Bieber was grateful to Yolanda, Bella, and Gigi Hadid for sharing information about Lyme disease, after Justin Bieber revealed his diagnosis:

    I wanna say a huge thank you to @YolandaHadid and @bellahadid and @GiGiHadid for bringing me so much clarity and information on Lyme disease and for helping answer my questions about course of action, symptoms etc. Love you 3 amazing women!

    15. And Grimes revealed she's pregnant with her first child: