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27 Tweets From Celebrity Parents That Have Extreme 2020 Energy

"I not talking to you. I talking to the farts in my pants."

1. Taika Waititi had a ~moment~:

My daughter just punched me so hard in the balls and won't apologise. She just said "Well I dunno", and walked off. Quarantine is going awesome.

2. Dwyane Wade made an observation about his kid, and Gabrielle Union couldn't help but agree:

I didnt wanna be the one to say it.

3. Pete Wentz had some quarantine feelings:

You really haven’t quarantined til you have quarantined with a toddler 😖

4. Audra McDonald's daughter had a conversation with her farts:

Scene this morning in the kitchen with just me and my 3 year old: Sally: What are you doing here? How did you get in there? Me: Sally are you talking to me? Sally: No Mommy I not talking to you. I talking to my farts in my pants. Me: 😳 End Scene

5. Lin-Manuel Miranda's son was baffled by the magic of Hollywood:

Tried to explain to the 5 year old that Kristoff from Frozen is ALSO King George and he was like

6. Kerry Washington took recipe notes from Chrissy Teigen:

Oh. I love this. Definitely gonna be serving up this magic this week!

7. Ryan Reynolds' daughters celebrated the real heroes:

My daughters wanted to be Avengers. Now it’s Healthcare Workers because, “they’re the real heroes”. Well, in 20 years, who’s gonna defeat a menacing, no-nonsense CGI villain, backdropped by sincere musical swells? I’m not supposed to say it out loud, but kids are dumb.

8. Kelly Clarkson's daughter was Wonder Woman:

Don’t worry y’all, Wonder Woman’s on the case....

9. Mindy Kaling had some influencer thoughts:

This is evil but nothing makes me happier than knowing a super healthy chef-type person I follow on Instagram’s kids hate the healthy food at their house and binge Doritos when they visit their friends

10. Serena Williams figured out a trick:

I’m hiding my phone... have my brightness on the lowest setting... hoping @OlympiaOhanian does not notice I’m awake. #thismama

11. Kevin Jonas got a bit more emotional than his kids did while watching Toy Story 4:

Watching toy story 4 and both the kids asking why I’m crying...”he’s not lost, not any more” thanks Buzz

12. Gigi Hadid had pregnancy cravings:

Pregnancy is real when u order nationally shipped @sprinkles to be delivered to yourself. 📦🧁😳😂😅

13. Kehlani shared an absolutely adorable video of her daughter:

adeya would like all of you to know

14. Reese Witherspoon shared an update on homeschooling:

15. Kylie Jenner's daughter melted her heart:

my baby introduced me to someone and said “this is my mommy.... she’s my besssst friend.... and she likes to cuddle with me.” ugh she melts me. having a daughter is really the best 😫😫

16. Pink revealed her kid is an athlete:

I don’t know a lot about baseball but I might have a tiny baby Ruth on my hands

17. Mariah Carey claimed she isn't the only diva in the family:

18. Channing Tatum wrote a children's book:

I don’t know about you but things got a little weird for me in quarantine. I locked myself in my daughter’s room & found my inner child. So this is what I created for my little girl. From what is, I guess, the little girl in me. Thx for reading. #Sparkella

19. Mindy Kaling enjoyed hopscotch a little too much:

My daughter enjoyed this for 10 minutes, I’ve been here for 2 hours

20. Kim Kardashian tried and failed to have a cute family shoot:

21. Ciara shared an adorable photo of her son Win rooting for his dad, Russell Wilson...

Had My 1st Game Today and I’m Feeling GOOD. 😉 W for the WIN! @DangeRussWilson

22. ...and Russell Wilson shared a historic moment:

23. Chrissy Teigen revealed that her daughter's already sneaking out of bed:

My daughter is officially pulling this shit! I didn’t do this til I was 13. She’s downstairs with my mom. Told her to not use the dumpling doll for a head next time

24. Mario Lopez explained the ABCs of being a dad when you're A.C. Slater:

The “ABC” of being a Dad. Always Be Coaching... #Wrestling #Nico #TeamLopez

25. Mindy Kaling got trapped:

I’ve been outsmarted by a toddler, how’s your Thursday going?

26. Olivia Wilde's son was overjoyed for Hamilton day:

My son the moment he opened his eyes this AM: “is it... Hamilton day?!” Kid knows what’s good. @Lin_Manuel 🙌

27. And Chrissy Teigen changed the date of Christmas:

Just ordered Miles a Christmas gift that won’t deliver in time so telling them Christmas is January 4th lol kids ... can be fun

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