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    Nov 2, 2018

    23 Celeb Couple Instagram Comments We're Privileged Enough To See

    "Always in awe of your big...brain."

    If you're like me, you're deeply curious about the day to day lives of our favorite Hollywood couples. I can't help it, I just care!!!!!


    Anyway, thanks to the brilliant Comments by Celebs account (give them a follow!), we have unprecedented access to those sneaky celeb IG comments they thought we'd never see. Here's some of the greatest hits of celeb couples commenting on each other's posts:

    1. Justin Bieber was floored by this Hailey Baldwin post:

    2. Kristen Bell needed this butthole sign for Dax Shepard...

    3. ...and then she and Dax completely shut down this ridiculous interview request:

    4. Ryan Reynolds thought this guy in Blake Lively's photo seemed nice:

    5. Steph Curry had 😘 to spare for Ayesha Curry:

    6. Orlando Bloom remarked on Katy Perry's flexibility...

    7. ...and her thirst, LOL:

    8. Gabrielle Union told Dwyane Wade that they should skip the Netflix:

    9. Cole Sprouse wondered if Lili Reinhart was dating...Cole Sprouse...

    10. ...and then their Riverdale co-stars teased their very earnest birthday exchange:

    11. Kelly Ripa did NOT get Mark Consuelos in this BuzzFeed Riverdale quiz:

    12. Wells Adams explained the concept of Sarah Hyland's glasses:

    13. Jessica Biel was amazed by Justin Timberlake's big...brain:

    14. Gisele told Tom Brady to shake his booty:

    15. Michelle and Barack Obama shared this beautiful anniversary exchange:

    16. Jason Biggs and Jenny Mollen shared a little subtle innuendo:

    17. Will Smith teased Jada Pinkett-Smith...

    18. ...but they also had this super-sweet anniversary exchange:

    19. Jennifer Lopez asked Alex Rodriguez to keep SOME things secret:

    20. Chrissy Teigen trolled John Legend for his new gig:

    21. Dylan Sprouse found a new favorite color from this Barbara Palvin post:

    22. Vanessa Hudgens couldn't help but comment on Austin Butler's appearance:

    23. And Josh Peck was just double checkin' with Paige O'Brien that her baby was his:

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