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    11 Ariana Grande And Pete Davidson Moments From Literally Just This Past Week


    1. Pete posted this Instagram video and Ariana was the first like (beating booger_nose to the punch!!!):

    2. Ariana went to go see Pete perform standup at The Comedy Store...

    3. ...and then felt unprepared for this photo even though it's adorbs:

    4. Pete posted this sweet Harry Potter-themed pic with Ariana...

    5. ...and then they had this spectacularly dirty comment exchange:

    6. Ariana posted this pic, making things super duper ~Instagram Official~:

    7. Ariana posted this photo of Pete on her story and I don't think anyone was kidding:

    8. Pete's ex Cazzie David posted this Instagram pic amidst all the Ariana/Pete news, showing she's doing just fine:

    9. Pete raved about Ariana's Wango Tango set on his Instagram story:

    10. Pete got not one, but two Ariana tattoos:

    11. Ariana posted this Instagram story and said "Pete Davidson is the best person on Earth goodnight."

    Can't wait to see what this week will bring us!!!!