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    Amy Schumer And Her Husband Photobombed This Couple's Engagement Shoot And It's So Cute

    "She told us marriage was awesome!"

    In case you somehow missed it, Amy Schumer married chef Chris Fischer in a surprise ceremony in February and has been living in wedded bliss ever since.

    And, this week, while she was out and about in NYC with Chris, she decided to spread that love to another happy couple.

    New Yorkers Jillian Georgio and Greg Hayes were having their engagement photos shot in Central Park, when they were suddenly in for a big surprise from Amy and Chris.

    "We were in Central Park in the middle of a photo and someone asked us if it was an engagement shoot and if they could join in," Jillian told BuzzFeed. "We had our backs turned to them and had no idea who it was until we turned around and obviously said yes."

    "They were going for a walk and were so incredibly sweet," Jillian said. "Amy suggested the picture and decided she and Chris should mimic the pose Greg and I were in."

    And, if that wasn't cute enough, she had some words of encouragement for Jillian and Greg. "She told us marriage was awesome and wished us all the best." ❤️