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    These Muggles Just Passed Right By Draco Malfoy Without Even Realizing It

    Look at these people just slytherin' on by...

    You know the feeling when you're just minding your own business and you pass by an incognito Harry Potter cast member on the street?

    Warner Brothers / Via

    That's what just happened to all these people in Prague when Tom Felton was singing away in public without a care in the world:

    Let's dive in a little bit closer. So here's Tom Felton looking a little bit more like the dude at your college who plays "The General" by Dispatch on guitar to try to impress you and a little bit less like Draco Malfoy...

    Tom Felton / Via

    And here's some muggles just going on about their normal muggle lives as though Draco Fucking Malfoy isn't singing his little face off mere inches away:

    Tom Felton / Via

    Don't worry, Tom had a good old laugh about the whole thing. "These muggles clearly haven't seen either of the Deathly Hallows movies but whatevs," he probably chuckled to himself on that busy Prague street.

    Tom Felton / Via

    It turns out that a little facial hair and a guitar is an even better disguise than Polyjuice Potion.

    Warner Brothers / Via

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