I Can’t Believe The Plot Of “Riverdale” Anymore, So Here Are 18 Things That Really Happened

    "You're not in the United States anymore...you're in Riverdale."

    1. As a true art connoisseur, I love to talk about the greats — Vincent Van Gogh, Leonardo Da Vinci, Cheryl Blossom! This is an episode all about Cheryl's important work, featuring subjects as wide-ranging as Nana Rose to the Rat King. Let's get into it.

    Nana Rose portrait with caption nana rose not putting up with anybody's shit for posterity

    2. Art appraiser Minerva "Min-Min" Marble returns, and Cheryl instantly apologizes to her. I genuinely could NOT remember what she was apologizing for, so I looked it up, and oh, of course it was about that one time the Blossoms nearly SACRIFICED Minerva in order to break a curse on their family. Just that small thing...

    Minerva says If you're thinking about sacrificing me to your crimson gods don't and cheryl replies first of all they're goddesses

    3. The first work that Cheryl shows Minerva is this one of Archie Andrews seemingly mining his own abs to find even more abs, an artistic rendering which simply omits the scar from that one time he was mauled by a bear.

    Portrait of archie with caption about the CW's shirtless men clause

    4. Somehow, we transition veryyyy quickly from Archie making a positive life decision to Cheryl getting him involved in mining for the palladium that is hidden under her mansion. When Archie says that he has no mining experience, Cheryl honestly makes a good point:

    Cheryl says Archie you've been a soldier a fireman a football coach a teacher and a bounty hunter is a miner so far outside your purview

    5. Alas, essentially the entire male cast of Riverdale minus Jughead and Hiram is suddenly mining for palladium. Cheryl, who is now also a ministress, leads the miners in a prayer to her brother Jason Blossom, and Nana Rose and Reggie share a moment:

    6. The mining expedition (which would feel weird on any other show, but on Riverdale it's just like...sure! why not!) ends up being a success on the palladium front.

    Kevin holding the palladium with the caption my precious

    7. In hindsight, it probably wasn't a great idea for Fangs to talk about the Mothmen right before Archie was about to get back underground...

    8. Archie confronts his therapist, assuming the medication is intentionally messing with him, and all roads point back to Hiram Lodge for him as usual.

    Archie says who do you work for Hiram lodge and the therapist says the rum maker?

    9. Alright, for our next portrait, we have "Daughter of Serial Killer Wields Chainsaw":

    10. As a reminder, last week Betty captured (probably) the lonely highway killer after he almost killed her with a chainsaw. Betty said she knew exactly where to take him for questioning, and while I THOUGHT it would be the sex bunker, it was actually...the shop class at Riverdale High.

    Betty says "you're not in the united states anymore, you're in Riverdale. welcome."

    11. Meanwhile, at home, Alice is working on a Juniper and Dagwood NEEDLEPOINT and I am truly speechless. Sell it on Etsy, ASAP!

    12. Betty comes home for just some regular ol' mother/daughter time. Love these kinds of long talks with mom:

    Betty talking to Alice saying "mom I have to tell you something I captured a trucker"

    13. So Betty tries one final thing to get him to talk...using a chainsaw, obvs:

    Betty holding a chainsaw with the caption say hello to my little friend

    14. And for our last portrait, we have Jughead Jones on the Iron Throne holding a bunch of rats. Of course!

    15. It's been a while since we heard from Jughead, so we catch up with him in a support group explaining...basically everything that's happened to him in the past seven years.

    Jughead hallucinating with the caption live footage of my soul leaving my body while watching this show

    16. So, Jughead went back to the hospital and found out he'd contracted RABIES during the blackout. And he ultimately pieces together that on the night of his book release, he was ranting and raving about a "Rat King" because he fell into a SINKHOLE and just...started living underground.

    The rat king

    17. The truth was that he was just angry and drunk, fell into a sinkhole, and woke up with a bunch of rats all over him and realized that he was all alone and needed to seek help.

    18. And we wrap things up with Minerva and Cheryl possibly starting things up again after Cheryl shares a painting of the two of them. Minerva is skeptical given that "the last time I was here, your nana suggested sacrificing me to an angry eldritch terror." But the moral of the story is that sometimes true love CAN overcome obstacles, big and small. What I'm saying is that love literally can mean making sacrifices, and I just think that's beautiful.

    Cheryl and Minerva

    That's quite enough for one week. See you next week, my Rat Kings and Queens.