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    17 Jokes About "A Cinderella Story" For Anyone Still Confused By Austin Ames' Facial-Recognition Skills

    "No idea who's in the Super Bowl, but I hope Austin Ames wins."


    *Sam Montgomery wearing her tiny masquerade mask* Austin Ames in A Cinderella Story:


    Hilary Duff: *puts on a flimsy mask* Austin Ames:


    A Cinderella Story plot hole: He wants to go to Princeton, but can't even spell ribbit? Think again, Austin Ames.


    yall can support tom holland and noah centineo and ross lynch as the white boys of the month as much as u want BUT remember where u came from. remember ur roots. show respect to ur elders and never forget the original white boy of the month, mr. chad michael murray as austin ames


    Sam got bullied for being a “diner girl” in Cinderella story when Austin worked in a car wash?????


    a cinderella story starring hilary duff


    Hilary Duff typing "LOL" into a flip phone in A Cinderella Story gives me life. 2004 was a simpler time.


    A Cinderella Story makes football games in the rain seem cute & fun but in reality they're just cold & sad & Chad Michael Murray's not there


    was Chad Michael Murray's dad in A Cinderella Story part of the college admissions scandal


    okay but how did Austin Ames get into Princeton when he couldn't even figure out that Sam was Cinderella


    the scene in Cinderella Story where Austin Ames chooses Sam over football and the drought ends bc it starts raining and ‘Hear You Me’ by Jimmy Eat World is playing is one of the most emotional things i’ve ever seen in my life


    when sam told austin ames that waiting for him was like waiting for rain in this drought i felt that


    no idea whos in the superbowl but I hope austin ames wins <3


    Austin Ames was carved by god himself and you’re lying to yourself if you disagree


    still waiting for my Austin Ames to kiss me in the rain dramatically at a football game in front of the whole school


    If Sam’s dad in A Cinderella Story was such a great guy, why tf did he marry Fiona? And he wasn’t responsible enough to update his will after blending families? Trash.


    I need A Cinderella Story 2 like what happens to Sam & Austen???? Do they live happily ever after or does college ruin it all??? I NEED ANSWERS