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29 Hilarious Celebrity Instagram Comments From 2018 That Made Our Year Better

"Let me fat in peace."

Well, 2018 was an amazing year because it brought us Comments By Celebs — which meant we saw the very best comments celebs made on Instagram. Here are some of the best of the year:

1. Khloe Kardashian revealed the only types of selfies she takes:

2. Hilary Duff reminisced about her feud with Lindsay Lohan over Aaron Carter:

3. Cole Sprouse dedicated a birthday post to his muse Lili Reinhart, and Casey Cott and KJ Apa hilariously trolled them:

4. Wells Adams explained the purpose of his girlfriend Sarah Hyland's glasses:

5. Ansel Elgort continued to pour his heart out about his girlfriend Violetta:

6. Ed Sheeran roasted himself in a perfect way:

7. Jake Gyllenhaal joined Instagram and confirmed his role in the next Spider-Man movie:

8. Mandy Moore and Anne Hathaway reminisced about The Princess Diaries:

9. Lindsay Lohan shaded Kim Kardashian and Kim immediately returned the favor:

10. The men of Full House shared some sweet, sweet memories:

11. Lindsay Lohan shared her dream:

12. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds had a hilarious Valentine's Day exchange:

13. Cardi B shut down pregnancy rumors (at the time!!!!):

14. Chrissy Teigen clapped back at a hater:

15. Katy Perry had a thirsty exchange with Orlando Bloom:

16. Paris Hilton brought back her catchphrase on a Kim Kardashian Instagram:

17. Katharine McPhee had a hilarious exchange with her future stepdaughter, Erin Foster:

18. Sarah Jessica Parker had fun with a meme:

19. Blake Lively had an amazing interaction with Baby Spice after a fan shared a picture with her from a Spice Girls concert:

20. Cole Sprouse's Riverdale co-stars trolled him for winning Choice Male Hottie at the Teen Choice Awards:

21. Jodie Sweetin shut down a rumor about her and John Stamos:

22. Kristen Bell got a nice needlepoint for Dax Shepard:

23. Cazzie David totally missed the Pete Davidson/Ariana Grande engagement:

24. Elaine Hendrix (aka Meredith Blake from The Parent Trap) dropped this serious truth:

25. Tom Holland revealed his secret about filming Infinity War:

26. Joey King shared a throwback with the Sprouses, which gave Cole another opportunity to shade Dylan:

27. Hailey Baldwin was NOT into Justin Bieber's mustache:

28. Nick Jonas commented on Priyanka Chopra's dress with a throwback lyric:

29. And John Mayer photobombed this Boy Meets World reunion pic:

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