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    23 Times The Internet Roasted The Shit Out Of "Love Actually"

    There's a fine line between hate and love, actually.

    1. Love Actually

    Almost time to watch Love Actually again. Tis' the season! 😊

    2. Hate Actually

    It’s that time of year when we talk about how Love Actually is a horrible movie. 1. It fat shames a woman who is a…

    3. Crying Actually

    One of the most heartbreaking moments on film is when Emma Thompson comes back from collecting herself in Love Actu…

    4. This Is Weird Actually

    Is this poster really a good representation for the film 'love actually?'

    5. Stalker Actually

    If a woman did the signs thing from Love Actually to a married man it would be a deleted scene from the movie Obsessed

    6. Judge Actually

    ‘Tis the season when I silently judge all of you for liking Love, Actually.

    7. Too Soon Actually

    Liam Neeson's character in Love Actually dates Claudia Schiffer 9 weeks after his wife's funeral.

    8. Just Fuck Karl Already Actually

    Wow I get so annoyed when that lass on Love Actually decides to answer the phone n not turn it off when she’s with…

    9. Dream Team Actually

    You: Love Actually is a Christmas classic Me, an intellectual: When do Rick Grimes, Professor Snape, Harry Hart, B…

    10. Porn Actually

    Wife: *walks in our bedroom to a lot of flesh on screen* ARE YOU WATCHING PORN?! Me: It’s Love Actually

    11. Hate This Guy Actually

    Revived my Love Actually Party after a four year hiatus and everyone still hates this dude

    12. Muggles Actually

    In the Love Actually universe, Harry Potter exists. The PM refers to it in his speech. Therefore Alan Rickman exist…

    13. THIS Actually

    Remember when people were super pissed that Love Actually portrayed the president of the United States as a misogyn…

    14. LOL Actually

    Love Actually is my favorite Mr. Bean movie.

    15. E•MO•TION Actually

    That scene from Love, Actually but instead of confessing my love for you the cards just have different Carly Rae Jepsen lyrics

    16. That's Fucked Actually

    Love Actually is about Christmas AND workplace sexual harassment.

    17. Good Point Actually

    That scene in Love Actually would’ve been way different if the dude had answered the door. “Hey, man. Why do you…

    18. WTF Actually

    i was just informed keira knightley was 17 when she filmed love actually and that information should be illegal to know. i am so upset

    19. More Hate Than Love Actually

    more hate than love, actually.

    20. Worst Actually

    Unpopular opinion: Love Actually is the worst, actually.

    21. Seriously The Worst Actually

    That time of year again when I pronounce that Love, Actually is the woRST FUCKING CHRISTMAS MOVIE.

    22. But Also Kind Of The Best Actually

    Love, Actually is a great Xmas movie. Don't @ me.

    23. Okay I'll Let Us All Enjoy Our Dumb Movie In Peace Again, Actually

    I know it’s officially “hot take: Love Actually is bad” season, but SHUT. UP. Just let us enjoy our dumb movie in p…