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    Posted on Jul 10, 2018

    21 Celeb Interactions With Fans On Social Media That'll Warm Your Heart

    "Very thankful you're still on is short."

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to share their best interactions with celebrities on social media. Here are some of the greatest (yet, unverified) stories:

    1. Aaron Carter "confirmed" this fan was at Aaron's Party:

    "The day Aaron Carter confirmed that I was at #aaronsparty." —whitneys4a440db6d

    2. Taylor Swift appreciated a fan's letter:

    "The day Taylor Swift confirmed our friendship." —darag44e1ddfa1

    3. Hilary Duff made a new best friend:

    "This is what dreams are made of!" —samheff

    4. Ellen Pompeo hilariously set the record straight about whether or not she was drunk tweeting:

    "When I tweeted that I wasn’t sure if Ellen Pompeo was drunk or just being her sassy self and she responded with this..." —amyw4b7e24c4e

    5. Lin-Manuel Miranda remembered and tweeted about a fan who sat in the front row at Hamilton:

    "When I won the Hamilton lotto (October 2015), my seat was front center and I was talking to Lin at the stage door and said something like, 'If you saw someone smiling and crying like an idiot that was probably me!' I tweeted about our convo afterwards and then he added this! He was truly so lovely." —nicolej4b11732bb

    6. Mandy Moore consoled a fan who was mourning the loss of her stepdad:


    "My stepdad was a huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan. He passed away unexpectedly one night after the first season of This Is Us ended. I drank some wine and ended up DMing Mandy Moore on Instagram and telling her how much the show reminded me of my stepdad. She responded the next day and said 'so sorry for your loss, keep on keepin' on' and it blew my mind to think she took a few minutes out of her day for me."


    7. Spencer Pratt lifted a fan's spirits after she was hospitalized:

    "Spencer Pratt! I told him I was in the hospital the weekend he went to the Taylor Swift concert and couldn’t have my phone on me." —jessicak4f0ae483c

    8. Andy Roddick sadly burst this fan's bubble:

    9. Sophie Turner helped a fan's Game of Thrones tweet blow up:

    "When Sophie Turner followed me AND made this tweet blow up." —djohn1028

    10. The L Word star Rachel Shelley looked JUST like the actress who played Helena:

    "I was on a study abroad trip to London, and my friend got interviewed by a woman who looked EXACTLY like Helena from The L Word. I never thought it would ACTUALLY be her; I guess my brain didn't connect that an English actor might be in England!" —summerbpadley

    11. Hilarie Burton had this pure AF interaction with a fan:

    "My girl Hilarie and her sexy husband." —katiek416c4f578

    12. RuPaul's Drag Race star Katya Zamolodchikova returned to Twitter and made a fan's day:

    "I’ve idolized Katya since I first saw her on Season 7 of Drag Race. When she tweeted me, I literally stopped breathing and started freaking out!! This screenshot is my lock screen and I’ll literally never forget this haha." —briannacabana

    13. Milla Jovovich made an elementary school teacher's dream come true:

    Loic Venance / AFP / Getty Images

    "I’m an elementary school teacher, and back in 2011 I wrote a crazy-expensive, dream Donors Choose project for my students. The project was for a class set of iPod Touches and a syncing/charging cart. One day I heard that Milla Jovovich supported Donors Choose, so I Tweeted her with a link to my project. Less than 10 minutes later, my project had funded. She had donated over $6,000. It was one of the best days of my life!"


    14. Rihanna explained why she got rid of her pixie cut to a fan:

    "I am a huge Rihanna (aka Badgalriri) fan. She was posting pics from behind the scenes of the 'Diamonds' video and I noticed her hair wasn’t that sexy ass pixie cut anymore. I had to let her know I miss that look so much and that’s what she responded. I was too shook to respond!!! I love her!!! —miccaelah

    15. Michael Bolton proved this fan's point about his social media game being great:

    16. Grey's Anatomy star Kevin McKidd found out the show won a People's Choice Award from a fan:

    "When I got to be the one to tell Kevin McKidd that Grey’s Anatomy had just won a People’s Choice Award." —amyw4b7e24c4e

    17. This American Life host Ira Glass hilariously responded to this fan's tweet:

    18. Brad Goreski thanked a loyal follower:

    "Brad Goreski (the celebrity stylist, Fashion Police critic, and Rachel Zoe’s former assistant) wore this absolutely amazing blazer on Fashion Police, and I tweeted him about it. He responded with such a thankful greeting!" —hannahi450f6b818

    19. Robin Roberts revealed that she's always confused for other Robins:

    "Robin Roberts is the sweetest." —ashleyh4260ccbba

    20. New Kids On The Block singer Joey McIntyre forgot one of his own songs:

    "On time I tweeted Joey McIntyre one of his OWN SONGS as a suggestion for his playlist...and he didn’t know what I was talking about. I laughed for days. Actually for years now." —kellip4282b72cc

    21. And finally, Cher wasn't very impressed with how long a fan had loved her:

    "I have loved Cher since I was a toddler and just randomly tagged her in a tweet about Drag Race, and she responded! I’ve never squealed so loud in my life." —ainsleym40bd16d23

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    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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