19 Times Cole Sprouse And Lili Reinhart Were Cute AF On Social Media

    "Shit, I have to sit next to that daddy-wannabe?"

    1. When Lili revealed her A+ skills at telling the Sprouse twins apart:

    2. When Cole aired his social media grievances:

    "I liked one picture of grilled meats and now there's so many fucking pictures of grilled meats on my explore page." -@colesprouse

    3. When Lili shared a very helpful article with Cole:

    4. When Cole took this selfie from Lili's phone:

    @camerongoodkins @colesprouse he is the greatest. He takes photos like this on my phone

    5. When Lili called Cole a daddy-wannabe...

    @Paty_mockingjay @CW_Riverdale @colesprouse Shit I have to sit near that daddy-wannabe?

    6. ...and then they bantered some more:

    @colesprouse @Paty_mockingjay @CW_Riverdale You're asking for it, pal. You know the dirt I have on you 🤗 *lowkey w… https://t.co/3iJuTokdi0

    7. When Lili had the perfect comeback to Cole's trolling:

    8. When Lili had some questions about this quiz:

    9. When Cole felt left out:

    @lilireinhart @CamilaMendes what about my skin

    10. When Lili had the perfect GIF to summarize Coachella with Cole:

    *actual footage of @colesprouse when he realized he was late for Two Door Cinema Club at Coachella* #riverdale

    11. When Lili was casually watching Cole on Friends:

    @colesprouse UM excuse me, your first episode on FRIENDS talks about ARCHIE comics....??? I'm casually watching and realizing this?????!??!

    12. When Lili ended this caption with "Also Cole."

    13. When Cole took this stunning photo of Lili:

    14. When she posted this...

    15. ...and he responded with this:

    16. When Cole and Dylan protected Lili from the sun:

    17. When Cole stole Lili's makeup:

    18. When Lili judged Cole's emoji choices:

    19. And, finally, when Lili got serious for a second and posted this super-sweet birthday tribute to Cole:

    Wishing the happiest of birthdays to my pal, Cole. 💃🏼

    I'M DEAD.