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19 Celebrities Who Were Funny AF About The "Game Of Thrones" Finale On Social Media

Spoilers, of course.

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1. Zac Efron chilled on the Iron Throne in anticipation:

Instagram: @zacefron

2. Mindy Kaling could only express herself in emojis:

3. Zach Braff finally got the Jon/Dany hookup he was waiting for:

4. Kumail Nanjiani realized his tweets about the show sounded a little fucked up:

Realizing that people who don't know #GameOfThones think I'm justifying some heinous shit after having a pretty weird weekend.

5. Josh Gad had an important realization:

When you realize Jon is banging his aunt. #GameOfThronesYall

6. Anna Kendrick had a disclaimer before the show started...

"So, if Jon and Daenerys, like, do it, we're all gonna be cool about it right?"

7. ...and then she and Blake Lively had the funniest fucking conversation about it in the comments:

Instagram / Via Instagram: @annakendrick47

8. Sarah Paulson experienced her girlfriend Holland Taylor putting all the pieces together:

"Actually I'm your father... actually she's your mother...actually he's your brother, no wait I'm your sister" @HollandTaylor watching GOT 😳

9. Kate Walsh declared that she'll remain in this position until Season 8...

Instagram: @katewalsh

10. ...and had a very important statement to make:

11. Joe and Nick Jonas invited Jon Snow to be the *new* Jonas brother:

12. Jorma Taccone was really behind on a lot of things:

Still haven't seen GoT finale! No spoilers!! Also, what happened with that last Presidential election? Haven't checked to see who won that.

13. Kumail Nanjiani got our hopes up for a second:

Man that was good! I can't wait for next week's episode of #GameOfThrones! One week is too long!

14. T-Pain had no sympathy for Littlefinger...

Ooooooohhhh shit! You fucked up now little finger! #GameOfThrones

15. ...and just wanted Bran to shut up:

Shut up bran. #GameOfThrones “i ReMeMBer eVerYthIng” dick. #GameOfThrones

16. Leslie Jones thought Cersei's fashion choices were problematic...

Man Cersei do you not watch project runway?! This hem is fucking horrible. I'm gonna need you to stop shopping for…

17. ...but that didn't stop her from enjoying the fuck out of that finale:


18. And, finally, Arya Stark herself warned us all last year...

19. ...and she was SO RIGHT.

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