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    Updated on Nov 7, 2018. Posted on Oct 22, 2017

    17 Times Cole Sprouse Hilariously Made Fun Of His Younger Self

    "I was a psycho baby before it was hip."

    1. When he rediscovered this Friends interview:

    2. When he shared his perfect author bio:

    3. When he was a sk8er boi:

    when people say they don't like the TSA...

    4. When he posted this very intimidating photo:

    @colesprouse look at me when I talk to you

    5. When he flashed this dope ID card:

    6. When he came with a warning:

    7. When he revealed what the Big Daddy kid looks like now:

    8. When he posted this very special poem for the world to see:

    I was a psycho baby before it was hip.

    9. When this GameCube launch was *lit*:

    10. When he showed off his *evolution*:

    Can you tell which year I assumed Cole Sprouse's identity?

    11. When he looked like a "young Ellen Degeneres":

    To the people sayin I'm "not as hard as I used to be," let this photo prove you right.…

    12. When he was grossed out by this pic of him and Dylan:

    13. When he called out Dylan's look:

    .@dylansprouse, bro you look like a drunk older man on vacation trying to pick up young chicks at the bar.

    14. When he showed off these immaculate bowl cuts:

    15. When he reminded you of the true hero of the holiday season:

    With all this talk of #Santa, let's not forget about the Holiday Armadillo

    16. When he bragged about his little league skills:

    Before I knew how to smile I played a wicked 2nd base in little league.

    17. And, finally, when he found the self-proclaimed worst photo of himself of all time:

    Found, without a doubt, the worst photo of myself in my 21 years of life. Yes, that is a #fedora

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