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    17 Times "Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina" Was The Darkest Show I've Ever Seen

    I LITERALLY did not see any of this coming.

    1. This scene in the pilot where I could hear a baby fussing, but I could not see the baby fussing:

    2. This scene between the Weird Sisters and Sabrina. I promise, they're there!

    3. This Aunt Hilda moment that had me like, "Wow I didn't know this show would QUITE get this dark, but okaaaay":

    4. This pivotal scene when Sabrina's dress turned black and I was like, "Wow, this is very good camouflage. Sabrina should go rob a bank."

    5. This woods shot that truly put the dark in Dark Baptism:

    6. This scene outside of witch court, which must have been an allegory for how dark and corrupt the witch legal system truly is:

    7. This scene of Madam Satan looking for dark corners to do dark deeds:

    8. This time a beast posing as Sabrina's mom wanted to look at her face, and I was like, "I too would love to be able to see her face!"

    9. The time a sleep demon said something about "no darkness" and I was like..."No darkness, hmmm...what must that be like?"

    10. This small bright spot in a sea of darkness:

    11. This scene in the mines that was just too dang dark for my taste:

    12. This scene where the blood was allegedly dripping:

    13. This scene, which was STILL the darkest thing in an episode about a guy who was resurrected:


    15. This Susie Putnam moment:

    16. This scene between Ambrose and Luke:

    17. And, of course, this moment that was truly both literally very dark and also an extremely dark subject matter:

    Don't say I didn't warn you...this show is DARK!!!!!!