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17 Times Anna Kendrick Was Extremely Funny On Twitter In 2018

"Holy shit. I just remembered I was in Twilight."

1. When she was mistaken for Anna Kournikova:

I realize the confusion probably came from the two Anna K names, but she's a tall blonde athlete and I'm - oh, oh - do they think I'm the baby?

2. When she remembered she was in Twilight:

Holy shit. I just remembered I was in Twilight.

3. When she was confused for Kate Mara at a CVS:

At CVS, got asked if I’m the girl from House of Cards. Always know my skin in looking right when I get @katemara 👅

4. When she got real about the struggles of plane travel:

“I'm so cold. Now I'm immediately so hot.” - my internal journey every four seconds on a plane.

5. When she revealed the key to online shopping:

My online shopping style: Put everything I like in the cart. Edit. Edit more. Edit until I’m down to one item. Decide it’s not even worth typing out my credit card info. Watch free porn.

6. When she became the new Chainsmokers:

@miz_cracker Are we The Chainsmokers now?

7. When she called out this person who was "hacked":

@violetville Tina, you can just be honest and say you miss me girl. “Hacked”. Sure.

8. When she revealed this truth about text anxiety:

I didn’t text you back because I couldn’t find the right gif.

9. When she was confused for this woman at a country festival but admitted the resemblance was uncanny:

@Aesthetic_Mag @BootsandHearts Ok, ok, that’s not me but for a second I thought it was cause that chick does look like me and ALSO she is wearing my fav pair of @ray_ban which I SWEAR TO GOD I was shopping for a second pair online not an hour ago! It’s FATE! Do I go Sand or Dark Gray????

10. When she apologized for what she did in a dream:

@Allison_Tolman Honestly? That’s my bad. Natural light is key. Even “dream Anna” should know that.

11. When she dropped this truth about saunas:

"I don't know, sometimes I just wish there was a room you could sit in that made breathing harder." - inventor of the sauna

12. When she was VERY into Stephen Colbert's beard:

I’m coming on the show this week, and I think I might get fully pregnant if I’m in the same room as that beard. So. YES BEARD! 👍🏻🤰🏻

13. When she got real about going through an earthquake:

Ah, the old "seasick" style earthquake. I'm gonna be dizzy the rest of the day. 🤢

14. When Mindy Kaling replied to this tweet from "brown Anna Kendrick"...

...and Anna had some questions about that:

@meeracleshappen @mindykaling Q: (re, your username) Am I not ice skating with you because you *are* me and we can’t be in the same room? Or because I’m not one of your favorite celebrities at all - you just realized you had my personality and, over time, learned to accept and deal with it? Cause. Same.

15. When she defended Ambien's honor:

When you are awake at 4:30 in the morning for no GD reason and you check Twitter to find that (on the day you need her most) your good pal Ambien is being dragged through the mud

16. When she felt seen by Adam Rippon...

@Adaripp @mattie_rogers I do not relate to this in a personal and specific way. At all.

17. ...and then revealed her biggest *secret* about the down-to-earth persona that fueled this very tweet roundup:

@Adaripp @mattie_rogers Literally how I've crafted my down-to-earth persona for the last 8 years. Brb, gotta go be effortlessly amazing some more. (Our secret tho.)

See you in 2019 for more laughs, Anna!

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